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I certainly hope you’ve already saved the date – OCTOBER 27, 2012
for the TW Design/TrainWorx Layout Festival because guests
are registering faster than a…

High Speed Rail Hotshot running a Night Owl to beat daybreak!

There has been such an incredible interest in this event, I’ve created a speicial website with more information and a place to secure your name on our guest list! Don’t dilly dally or dawdle go right NOW, click on this link TrainWorx Layout Festival or call toll free to secure your reservations (877) 881-4997.

Here is a flyer for anyone who wants to share with your train clubs and/or hobby stores – feel free to fly with the flyer!

For all our “out-of-towners” here is a list of several hotels near our shop: HOTELS

For Festival Flyer – Click HERE!

Happy Tracks!

Traindame aka Dorcie Farkash

PS: I promise you, this will be an event we’ll be talking about for years to come!

PPS: Festival Information/Sign Up Link – TrainWorx Layout Festival

PPPS: Festival Flyer Link – Layout Flyer

Jumping! Jiving! Jam Packed June & July…

Wowzers! I was reviewing projects the Traingineers have been working on since the first of June and bottom line… we be jamming!  As I write this post, our Chief Traingineer, Roger Farkash is in Norfolk, VA attending the LCCA Convention with his trusted Traingineer George Watson.

While in Norfolk, they are working on a three pronged client/project schedule which includes, Lionel, LCCA and T W TrainWorx! For Lionel we are setting up their dynamic, one of kind, awesome train layout (with subway section included)  that will be on display in the hotel lobby for young and old alike to enjoy watching trains doing what they were made to do…RUN!

Then there are the “Modules” Roger has been collaborating on with both the LCCA and Lionel folks for what I believe is going to be a smashing success after the debut at the convention. These modules will also be added to our TrainWorx product line as soon as all is fleshed out. So…for all you fans of “modular” systems…the fun is just now getting cranked up!

Four of the module pieces were fabricated for Lionel to display Lionel product, my personal favorite is the Christmas module and second it’s gotta be the train derailment/clean up crew! The module pieces will come in various sizes such as “straight”, “full curved” and “narrow curved”. The LCCA pieces that will be shown at the Convention will be in their “natural wood” state with track on top, sure to stir up the imagination! It’s going to be funner than fun watching this “Modular” project come to reality and into its full product form offering from, Lionel, LCCA & TrainWorx! Now that’s something to toot your horn for!

Roger and George will also be manning the TrainWorx table at the convention…only thing missing is me 🙁 Still haven’t figured out how to be in two places at once. No “app” for that….yet.

Last month Roger took our first HO station, the Santa Fe Temple Station, to an event held in Temple, Texas and it was very well received!

Then there is the “over the coffee table” Thomas the Tank layout we’re building for a customer’s grandchildren (which of course makes them terrific grandparents for sure!) I’ll take another photo upon completion as this picture is of the base with no Thomas accessories on top. Pretty cool how it connects like a puzzle piece…oh that Chief Traingineer has it going on… 🙂

Roger and I headed down to Houston last week to see progress on a another client’s train room being built over the garage. This project has been in the works for over a year now and is scheduled for installation in 2013 – it is going to be nothing less than magnificent upon completion! Roger has not only been working with the client but also the architects, construction manager, and electrician as they build this room to house a train layout that has been in the “dream” state for years. Truly nothing better than to be part of making a dream a reality…well not just any dream of course, I’m talking those “what my dream train layout would be…” kinda dream… Making “someday” a reality in the spring of 2013!

The Houston architect and his family paid us a visit last week and we just had a fabulous time showing off our new location as well as progress on the table. Timing was perfect as it was just before four different projects were loaded on a 53′ truck so there was a lot to see on the shop floor.

Train related and on our T W Design side of business, we have a video set begin fabricated for BNSF which will be installed in their Ft. Worth corporate headquarters next month. It’s been a real treat having another project to work on after debuting the BNSF Train Layout at the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders meeting in Omaha. And speaking of the BNSF Layout, there is a teaser in the current Classic Toy Trains Magazine about the upcoming EXCLUSIVE article covering the BNSF layout. Be on lookout for the September CTT Magazine.

And you thought I was just joking about experiencing an absolutely, “Jumping! Jiving! Jam Packed June & July” —-> but wait…there’s more!

We will be working on a Reproduction of Lionel No. 177 Scenic Railway layout for a gentleman in the great state of Pennsylvania. That table will be delivered after the October York Meet and seeing how it will be with us – Roger is going to reconfigure our space and incorporate this layout for you all to see at the Fall York Meet. This again, is another train table that is the realization of a “dream layout” coming true.

Oh, I almost forgot the latest addition to our TrainWorx Bridge Kits – the Camelback Bridge! Currently it is in a local Hobby Shop on consignment and creating a ton of excitement. Want one? Well it wont be online for a couple more weeks but you know I’ll make you a *Steal-of-a-deal on a Camelback Bridge Kit so call NOW – – – > 214-634-2965 or email me at traindame@traindame.com and we’ll Make It Happen!

I bet your eyeballs are getting tired about now, so I’ll wind this blog entry down but I can assure you, I’ve only scratched the surface of everything going on here at T W TrainWorx – exciting times for sure!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and know that I am eager to answer any questions you may have or even better, the TrainWorx Traingineers can make YOUR train layout dream come true – Any Layout…Any Size…Any Where! We are only one phone call away – – – > 214-634-2965 < – – –

Happy Tracks!

Traindame aka Dorcie Farkash
T W TrainWorx a Choo Chooing Division of T W Design

It’s a Masterpiece!

BNSF Train Layout: Design, Build, Install by T W TrainWorx

From the very beginning, when Roger Farkash received the call from BNSF to design, build, and install a train layout for the 2012 Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder’s Meeting, his creative energies cranked into high gear!


Design, fabricate and outfit a custom, 256 Square Foot, 8’ x 32’ castered table and train layout.

Some of the fun stuff:

  • Mountain and elevated theme recognizable asCajonPass & TwoMedicineBridge.
  • Remaining table surface divided into industrial sidings and city /small town elements depicting industries serviced by BNSF and/or associates with BH companies.
  • Table Base: Eight 4’ x 8’ platforms mounted on steel wagons with 5’ casters.
  • Table Top: Aprox. 50 buildings (both standard & custom)
  • Video Billboards: Six 7” video billboards mounted and wired.
  • Track: approximately 330 feet, switches, bumpers, trestles, bridges and railings.
  • Trains: Six engines. Sixty various cars.
  • Wiring: track and accessories in modular format for rapid assembly and dismantle.
  • Controls: Transformers, wiring and relays with custom rack. Two Lionel Legacy control systems.


  • Keep it under wraps until May 5, 2012 debut in Omaha,Nebraska (killer accomplishment for Traindame!)


  • “This is a masterpiece!” – Warren Buffet, March 5th, 2012

Check it out…

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See our first layout in new location…


We’ve started our first train layout in our new digs and it’s really starting to take shape!!!! We had an excellent meeting today with the client and all systems are full speed ahead. Here’s a couple of pictures I took this afternoon. You will see the base on one side and the table top on the other. Roger even turned on the train and it made a full loop whistling all the way…

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North Texas Residential Layout Completed…

Talk about a labor of love…

The TrainWorx Traingineers worked on this layout from design to completion for right at eleven months and the end results are…well check it out for yourself 🙂

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This project was really amazing to watch unfold and once again I find myself in awe of the truly gifted and talented TrainWorx Traingineers that make up our highly skilled team. Bottom line, there’s nothing better than a Happy Engineer running trains on a TrainWorx Custom Layout!

Next week I’ll be posting pictures of the process…design, fabrication and installation.

Here is a gallery of photos as well – Enjoy!

Happy Tracks!

T W TrainWorx a Choo Chooing Division of T W Design!

T W TrainWorx is On The Move!

That’s right, T W Design/T W TrainWorx is in the process of moving to our new corporate headquarters at 2808 McGowan Street in South Dallas! This is an incredibly exciting time for us and an enormous feat to accomplish when you’re talking about moving 40,000 sq. ft. of properties with 30 years of acquiring all kinds of equipment, machinery, etc. etc. etc.

The Traingineers are in the final stages of a custom 4 x 6 portable train table for a local client, which will end up being the very last train table fabricated in our current location! Geez…time marches on as 2012 marks our 30th year in business but the best of the best part is it actually feels like we’ve just begun. There are so many cool things coming up for our TrainWorx Division!!!!!

Here are few shots I just took back in “Train Land” of the train table that will be heading out tomorrow:

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