T W TrainWorx is On The Move!

That’s right, T W Design/T W TrainWorx is in the process of moving to our new corporate headquarters at 2808 McGowan Street in South Dallas! This is an incredibly exciting time for us and an enormous feat to accomplish when you’re talking about moving 40,000 sq. ft. of properties with 30 years of acquiring all kinds of equipment, machinery, etc. etc. etc.

The Traingineers are in the final stages of a custom 4 x 6 portable train table for a local client, which will end up being the very last train table fabricated in our current location! Geez…time marches on as 2012 marks our 30th year in business but the best of the best part is it actually feels like we’ve just begun. There are so many cool things coming up for our TrainWorx Division!!!!!

Here are few shots I just took back in “Train Land” of the train table that will be heading out tomorrow:

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