Houston… We Have S U C C E S S!!!!

It’s been a long time coming and I am happy to say the layout installation of the Houston, Wharton, & Pecos River RR has been completed and to quote the layout owner: “the incredible piece of artwork now resides in his Train Gallery!”

Wow, I had no idea of the absolute pleasure I was embarking on back in June of 2011 when Glen first contacted us to collaborate with him to make his 50+ year dream layout come true… all the while, at the same time he was in the process of remodeling/adding on to his family home in Houston. I won’t go into a long account of the extraordinary experience but will take the opportunity to focus on two items:

#1. The entire layout – all 410 sq. ft. of it (14′ x 30′) went up into the train room (back then it was a “room”) through a hole in the floor (not kidding) which was deemed the “Farkash Hatch” by Glen and his Architects from the get go!

Farkash Hatch Collage:


And on to…

#2. Glen’s home was chosen to be 1 of 8 in the 38th Annual Rice Design Alliance Architecture Tour which you all are invited to partake in Houston, Texas –  March 28th and 29th! Read all about it right here:
Architecture Tour

I have it from my sources that there will be an exclusive article written about the Houston, Wharton, and Pecos River RR very soon and until then I can’t post any “finished finished” photos but here are a few I took of the Traingineers during last weekend’s installation:

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This video just in from the inaugural running of the trains on the
Houston, Wharton, & Pecos River Railroad, ENJOY!


Next in line for the Traingineer Production Studio is a layout for a gentleman in California who Roger designed a Harry Potter themed train layout for and just added to our production schedule another residential layout for a gentleman in Alabama whom we had the pleasure of meeting at last year’s LCCA Convention!

Happy Tracks!

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Operation Festival Preparation…

T W Design craftsmen and TrainWorx Traingineers are in all out
“Pull & Prep” mode and I have got the pictures to prove it!

To quote Todd Wagner, my Pastor, “You say what you think…
you do what you believe”…

Check out what we believe as we prepare for our