Testimonials about TW TrainWorx Custom Layouts

Testimonials From the
*Top Traintastic Trainiac Customers on the Planet!

Jim Battista | Warren, New Jersey
Hellgate Subway Layout Enhancements

Dr. Murph Davis | San Antonio, Texas
Custom Layout

Dr. Sawrie | Tennessee


Tom Campbell | Amarillo, Texas
Service Yard Layout Enhancement

David Miller | Dallas, Texas
Attic Enhancements – September 2016

Andrew Buonpastore | New York Historical Society
September 2016

Skip Natoli | Suffern, NY
Christmas in New York

Gil Wechsler | Pennsylvania

Dan Diorio | Comment left on Traindame Blog


Richard Cox | Showroom Visitor


July 1, 2015
Jim B. | New Jersey
10′ x 6′ Custom TrainWorx Layout



July 1, 2015
Mike S. | Kansas
Attic Room Surround with Peninsula
Smith Testimonial

May 15, 2015
Huntsville, Texas USA
Don M. | Don’s Electric Train Emporium




May 2, 2015
Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder’s Meeting

Omaha, Nebraska


Thanks for the email and pictures. It was a lot of fun. As always the exhibit was great and very popular. Thanks again.  
Carl Ice
President/CEO BNSF


I really enjoyed your spectacular display resembling our railroad and those companies that help make up Berkshire Hathaway! It truly creates an emotional moment for the Shareholders! Makes striking up a conversation an easy thing to do.
Take Care!
Wayne, BNSF



Honestly, I have no worries about the train display. You and your team do an extraordinary job keeping it refreshed, working and updated. Your displays are exceptional in design, creativity and function. Considering the excitement and pleasure the shareholders and their families experience when viewing the display, Berkyville has been one of our best investments from a PR point of view.
Paul – BNSF



December 30, 2014
Dr. Steve Sawrie
Chattanooga, Tennessee




Mr. William Pepper
July 8, 2014





June 30, 2014
In The Sytle of Harry Potter Custom Layout

California, USA






Thank you for everything, its an incredible creation and most importantly the kids love it. We will be moving in full time at the end of next week and the train will get plenty of use early and often. Thank you for your kinds words about our baseball collection, We take a lot of pride in it and have built it over the years. I will be in touch as we think about putting a system in at Legendary and with questions once we settle in at the house. Thank you again to you and Dorcie for all of your hard work on this.



Rick & Carole Rooney
September 2014




B51Kit_David Smith

 March 22, 2013

Email from Tom Campbell about his
Santa Fe High Plains Railroad Layout

“Roger overwhelmed with his vision and execution of the High Plains layout. If I were Italian, I’d cry for joy. George and Mike were superb in setting up and tweaking the layout. Truly, everybody at TrainWorx is competent, friendly, and dedicated. It has been a fine experience having the layout dreamed up and brought to reality… Thanks again for your support.”


Read email from Campbell by clicking HERE

February 07, 2013
Email from Warren Buffett
BNSF Photo Book


Dear Dorcie,

What a terrific book. And, of course, the actual layout is magnificent.

It would be fun having a layout here at the office but I’m afraid it would be a personal indulgence. We just don’t get that many visitors. We will keep it as a showpiece of the annual meeting.

If you have two more books, I can think of a couple of directors who would appreciate them.

A photo with you would definitely enhance my reputation. So whatever you and Deb work out will be fine.



P.S. I’m really looking forward to watching the faces of people viewing the layout on May 4.

Read email from Buffett by clicking HERE

See BNSF Photo Book (best if viewed in “full screen”) by clicking HERE 

January 2013
Custom Harbor Design/Fabrication



Roger –
I just finished un-crating and assembling the harbor. To say that it is everything I’d hoped for and more is an understatement.
The craftsmanship on the buildings (everything for that matter) was exceptional; I was surprised at how sturdy and solid the structures were in particular. My experience with laser cut structures is that they can be delicate, but these were heavy and solid – and beautiful. And the light towers and crane were wonderful touches, thanks so much for adding them.
Splitting the module the way you did was brilliant – it made the pieces easy for me to handle and place them, and you can’t tell there are 2 pieces once they are bolted together.
I could go on, but needless to say this was worth every penny, and certainly rivals anything I’ve ever seen in terms of quality.
I haven’t wired the lighting yet; I assume the wall wart you included is meant to light both harbor buildings? Finally, where do you suggest I look for a good assortment of vehicles and sundry items to populate the dock? The truck you showed in one of the pics was great.
I’ll give you a call later this week – thanks!


December 26, 2012
Email from Albuquerque Station #1 Owner

Trainworxx Munoz Station

Dorcie and Roger,

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.
Thank you for the glorious Holiday ornament.
It is happily swinging from our Hanukkah bush.

Oh, by the way…
We received the Albuquerque Station #1 last week packed perfectly and in perfect condition.
We were surprised by the station.
We expected a wonderful station and received the most amazingly beautiful station we have ever seen.
I adore the station and could not be happier.
It is a masterpiece.

I am immersed in the construction of the scene around the station and will be happy to share my professional photography of the station for you and Roger to use in any and all advertising you wish. You will have full photo rights. I am doing this because you were kind enough to re-letter our station. The enclosed photo shows the basic scene which has a ways to go before it is finished. You’ll be seeing this scene again. I promise.

Boy, are we happy!!!

Love ya,

Eliot and Ginny

Read Eliot’s email by clicking HERE

November 19, 2012
Gil Wechsler Custom Table
Lionel Scenic Railway No. 177


Dear Roger,

I want to thank you and Dorcie (and George), for the privilege of working with you on the #177 Scenic Railroad! It was not only a painless procedure  but I found it wonderful to work with someone who was on the same page with me! I think that the few changes we made were good ones, and I was so glad you agreed. I believe you could have made an exact duplicate of the original, but after seeing your photographs of an “original”, which the owner then wanted to restore, I believe I have the best solution! I got exactly what I wanted.

I also felt that working with you was perfect. You made me feel that I was your only client, when in fact you were working on other projects at the same time. You gave me your full attention whenever I called, and listened to whatever “small” items I came up with, and solved any changes without complaint. In fact, you encouraged me to make changes that would make me happy.

Lets keep in touch,

Gil Wechsler

Read Gil Wechsler letter by clicking HERE

August 2, 2012
Note from North Texas Residential Client:

Roger and all,

The layout looks and runs great. Lots of oohs and aahs. Jaxon and his brother Colton can’t get enough of it either.

Jaxon and Grandpa

View Note by clicking link below:

Mark’s Note


July 28, 2012
LCCA Convention Attendee to Roger Farkash:

“I love your stuff. Every time I see your layouts or stations or bridges I’m like thinking, you ARE the Michelangelo of Toy Trains.” …

July 28, 2012
Email from Woody Hickman (also owner of Chicago Union Station #1):

Dorcie and Roger: I know you hear this daily, but it doesn’t come out of me to often, if at all. I have reviewed your blog once again and am just in awe of the creativity that is produced out of your company and the design genius of Roger. My hat off to you folks as I am certainly jealous of the abilities there but am glad to have you as a source, and as a friend (S). Keep up the great work for the industry and our hobby. Good luck. – Woody Hickman

View Woody’s email by clicking link below:

Woody’s Email


July 2012
George with Delaware and Hudson Railway Company wrote:

Roger, I am writing to express my appreciation to you and George for providing a “fix” for my Polar Express Jr. Berk. Although I don’t agree with Lionel’s warrantee policy in this case, I do understand from a business stand point. I want to thank you and your folks for a great tour and visual of your operations for the TCA group. You struck a nerve with me as I listened to your vision of sustainability for your enterprise. I applaud your plans to provide an opportunity of a working experience for fathers and sons to explore all aspects of our great hobby. I remember only too well the times my dad and I built layouts and operated trains an accessories for hours. He made things work, fixed what broke, and always surprised with something new from Madison Hardware. I trust the new location will provide the base to continue to grow and to exceed expectations for all clients.                    I wish T W TRAINWORX only the best!

View George’s Testimonial by clicking link below:

George’s Testimonial


June 8, 2012
Gary S Noel wrote:

Dear Roger and Dorcie I want to take this opportunity to say Thank You. I really appreciated your time and warm hospitality you provided last week and my time time visiting TW Design. I enjoyed meeting your staff, touring your facilities and the once in a lifetime experience of having Roger show me how to take a square block of foam and turn it into a fantastic looking scene for a train layout. I consider myself a newbie in the train layout arena and have met some incredible individuals to assist me in learning new skills required to build my layout. But none anymore gracious and kind as Roger. From the first time I met and talked with Roger at York in October 2009 I have valued his expertise, but more important his friendship. The train hobby to me is about learning new skills, meeting new friends and having fun. Roger has provided all these things and I am most appreciative. And as much fun as Roger is, Dorcie is even more fun to hang around with. Scenery for the train layout is the scariest aspect for me. With the information, instruction and skills that Roger provided last week I can honestly say that I am looking forward to beginning the work on my layout. And the best part is, I know that if I need further assistance that Roger will be there to help me along. I look forward to the day when I can partially return your hospitality and have you visit my home and train layout in Florida. To my new friends in Texas, Thanks Again!

View Gary’s testimonial by clicking hyper link below:

Gary Noel Testimonial


February 24, 2012
Jim Gouvis wrote:

As I was nearing completion of my tri-level layout I knew it lacked one very important detail; a fence at the forefront of two of the levels. I seriously contemplated buildling the fence from scratch but I just wasn’t sure and could not decide from what material to make it. Nonetheless, I thought about it for a couple of days trying to decide.

Fortunately, I remembered reading an article in the January Issue of Classic Toy Trains that featured an outstanding layout by John Smith. What I particularly remembered about the article was one of the pictures depicted a replica of Chicago’s Union Station with its rail fence in the foreground. So I reached for that issue, found it and re-read the article again.

The article mentioned that the model of the Union Station was the work of Roger Farkash of TrainWorx. Off I went to my computer, “Googled” TrainWorx and found their website. As I scrolled down to view many of their beautiful model offerings, much to my astonishment and excitement, I found just what I needed, a truss Rail, like the one in the picture of the article mentioned above! I immediately placed an order for two 8 foot pieces. The truss Rail adds a touch of class and is the perfect solution for what was needed to put on the finishing touches and I couldn’t be happier. Because I needed to make several 22-1/2 degree miter cuts with my electric miter saw, I called TrainWorx, spoke with Dorcie Farkash and she confidently told me that it would be fine but a good idea to back it up with something. I used several wraps of blue paint tape and the cuts turned out flawless. I could not be more pleased with the product and their excellent customer service.

To read a copy of the article click below link…

Classic Toy Trains Polar Express Article


April Events Bring May Testimonials

Berkshire Hathaway Share Holder’s Meeting Omaha, Nebraska 04/30/11

TrainWorx was asked, a second time, by Lionel to ship their large train display (designed & built by TrianWorx in ’06) to Omaha where it would be used at the Berkshire Hathaway Share Holder’s Meeting. The below pictures were taken at that event and both testimonials were received in email correspondence…

“Your team and the train model were the talk of the meeting. Everyone love it, including Mr. Buffett. Thanks again for all your hard work TrainWorx.” – Marjie Lowe, Manager – Event Planning for BNSF

 “We set up on Thursday PM, various rehearsals were run by BH on Friday. On that day, I watched 15 feet away as Warren Buffett excused himself from Bill Gates and some other directors and made a hard left turn to the Lionel Display. He lingered for about 8-10 minutes watching the trains do their stuff. Then made the comment, “I sure wish my train layout at home worked as well as this one.” He shook our hands and rejoined Bill Gates (pictured). Early Saturday morning we were mobbed by the press when Mr. Buffett spent another 10 minutes holding a press conference at the Lionel Display.”   – Alex Welch, business Development Lionel LLC 

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  1. Corral “Number One” arrived today. The photos don’t do it justice. It exceeded my expectations.

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