Residential Layout heading out…

The Traingineers will be finishing up an installation for a North Texas Residential Layout this week leaving space on the studio floor to be filled with four other incoming layouts!

I do often sound like a broken record and here I go again – the Traingineers absolutely outdid themselves in every aspect of craftsmanship with this 200 square foot O Gauge Layout!

Chief Traingineer, Roger Farkash, designed this layout to incorporate six built-in display areas with five metal shelves in each for a total of 160 feet of shelving in the base made out Red Oak. The elevated track loop oversees several Traingineer hand crafted models; including the Hotel Settles, Big Spring, TX Station, Dallas Union Terminal, replica of church customers were married in and a high rise business office that can be seen off the Dallas Tollway!

Enjoy some photos of preparing for final walk-through with customer, dismantling, and installing in Dallas, TX USA!

Happy Tracks!

TrainDame aka Dorcie
TW TrainWorx
Dallas, TX | Concord, NC
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Traingineers Begin the Great Thaw of February 2021!

Whoa! What a Valentine’s Week we had here in the great Lone Star State of Texas. Certainly did not have the entire week blocked off the calendar to be cuddled up at home with loved ones starring in our own Hallmark Movie but boy howdy… Traingineers have not been back inside 0ur Dallas McGowan Street Studio since February 12th, 2021.

First and foremost – we are all ok! So very appreciative of all our Traintastic Friends for reaching out to us, checking in to see how we’re faring and sharing wonderful encouragement – thank you! Our fearless leader and Chief Traingineer, Roger, pulled double duty often staying at the studio in our small “apartment” to ensure heaters in the studio were on in order to prevent water pipes from freezing as well as assuring all the paint did not freeze in the frigid temperatures!

Status from the aftermath of Texas 2021 Snowpocalypse for TW TrainWorx:

  • No broken pipes!
  • No frozen paint!
  • No rolling blackouts!
  • No loss of water!
  • Two broken heaters!
  • Layouts in process all protected and anxiously awaiting the return of our talented Traingineers!

Speaking of our Talented Traingineers, I am happy to say, they also came through the Snowpocalypse although some are now dealing with broken pipes and starting the repair process. There is going to be an abundance of work for plumbers, electricians… tradesmen for quite some time going forward. But forward we WILL GO and continue to service our Traintastic Family creating amazing train layouts, kits, and buildings!

I will say the highlight of this past week has come from; emails, texts, and phone calls from past and current customers that are so thankful to have made the investment in their own custom TW TrainWorx Layout. They all share just how their love of trains has provided extreme mental and emotional well being across the board but especially during these times of isolation we all find ourselves in! Such a blessing to get that kind of feedback and how encouraging it is to see Grandfathers/Dads, in a position to provide and share the great entertainment, history, and good ole fashion family memory making moments all while running trains!!

Speaking of running trains, let’s go down memory lane to a winter scene the Traingineers created and installed for the 2019 Holiday Season in Charlotte, NC with absolutely NO threats of freezing water pipes from the “icy scenes” 🙂

Enjoy the wintery scenes from this custom commercial layout we did for Rogers and Gala that was displayed for public viewing in a downtown Charlotte skyscraper’s lobby:

Just added a TrainDame *Steal-of-A-Deal through the end of the month, February 28, 2021: Save $200 at checkout using Code: THAW200 on ANY of our Classic Landmark Series Online Products! Here is the link for YOU: Classic Landmark Series

Happy Tracks!

TrainDame aka Dorcie Farkash
TW TrainWorx
Dallas, TX | Concord, NC
(214) 634-2965

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SHHHH… September Surprise in process!!

I love forward thinking to fall while it’s still summertime in Texas and Hotter Than a Pistol. Indulge me here…

So we’re all on this turbulent, unpredictable, 2020 Coronacoaster Ride and experiencing the wild high’s and downer lows but thanks to all of our *Traintastic Customers, Family, Friends, Employees, Vendors, and TW TrainWorx Fans – I’m super grateful that everyday I continue to count many more blessings than hardships. Here’s something we can ALL be grateful for… we’re a little more than half through 2020 >>> Can I get a YEE HAW???? 🙂 🙂 🙂

So thanks for the indulgement (Maybe a Traindame word) and now on to the September Surprise.

*** WARNING *** *** WARNING *** *** ENVY ALERT *** *** ENVY ALERT ***

For all you Ferroequinologist who may not yet have a train layout – be sure to show your wife this:

I received a call from Sandy who doesn’t know ANYTHING about trains but thought it would be cool to have someone do a Suspended RR over her and her husband’s hunting lodge bar/main room – – – and wouldn’t it be Super Special to have it installed, up and running, to present to her husband for a SURPRISE SEPTEMBER BIRTHDAY PRESENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now gentlemen, I know you’d agree… that is one Traintastic wife!

The Traingineer’s are fast tracking this project to complete her Birthday Surprise Suspended RR wish by September 1st!

Thanks to our Traintastic Customers as well as the PPP Loan, we’ve been able to continue operations with our Talented Traingineers having successfully completed and continue working on several projects (List first – pictures to follow):

Modeled and installed over a dozen custom models for the Plano Interurban Museum, Installation of the Kansas City Union Station/Science City, Children’s Train Layout, two local Dallas/Metroplex residential layout enhancements, Reagan is finishing up a residential layout that will be installed in Florida and he just returned from a site-survey in Ohio for custom residential layout we’ll be designing/fabricating/installing this year.

Because of the ongoing, extraordinary, and crazy creative brainstorming that continues between the incredible duo of Farkash and Reagan – we’ve introduced the following new O Gauge products into our TW TrainWorx On Line Store:

*Modern Cell Tower Kit
*Three Company House Kits (Bonus Kitchen with Bundle Kit)
*Church Kit
*Enhanced our Chicago Union Station
*Dallas Union Station

Oh… I forgot to mention, now that we have a CNC in-house, Farkash decided to design our very own TW TrainWorx Showroom Suspended RR so we’re cutting pieces for not only Sandy’s Suspended RR but our own as well! More news on another TWX Product… s u s p e n s e is killing me >>> LOL

And now some photos, starting with the Suspended RR in process – Enjoy 🙂

Plano Interurban Models

New O Gauge Kits!

Traingineering on the Studio Floor…

Happy Tracks!

TrainDame aka Dorcie
TW TrainWorx
(214) 634-2965
Dallas, TX | Concord, NC


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*May Day *May Day 2020

Happy May!

Thought I’d share some GREAT NEWS! TW TrainWorx and the Traingineers will be getting back to Traingineering this month!!! We are shooting for May 11th to get the Traingineers back in the Dallas Studio and we will be extremely mindful of precautions that have been put in place to protect our health: social distancing, good/consistent hygiene, and staying home when not feeling well – WE’VE GOT THIS!

I want to especially thank all our Trainiac friends for making April 2020 one of the highest online sales to date!! We are so appreciative of your support and making our continued Traingineering journey possible – THANK YOU!!!!

We are coming out with two new Kit products that should be included in our TrainWorx Store by mid month; O Scale Church Kit and O Scale Cell Tower so be on the lookout 🙂

What were the Traingineers working on eight years ago?? The BNSF Corporate Layout! Thought you’d get a kick out of seeing some of the circa 2012 photos of making the One and Only BNSF Corporate layout in our McGowan Street Studio – Enjoy!

Today, we should have been setting up the BNSF Layout in Omaha for the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder’s Meeting but… well, you know – so we set up here 🙂 Enjoy!

Happy Tracks!

TrainDame aka Dorcie
TW TrainWorx
Dallas, TX | Concord, NC


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Believing in Treasures to be found in the GREAT Recovery of 2020!

There certainly is no sugar coating this world wide pandemic we currently are all experiencing and how it’s turned everything Topsie Turvey and Coo-Coo Crazy! Even with all the C R A Z Y, my prayer is that we will get through this Together and come out stronger, more compassionate, grateful, and perhaps strive to be even more inspiring, helpful, inventive and encouraging to each other EVERY DAY!

The Dallas, Texas mayor announced a Shelter-in-Place order for Dallas County, starting March 23, 2020 at 11:59 pm through April, 3, 2020. Although our physical building is closed I will be monitoring phone calls, emails, and social media so please treat TW TrainWorx as OPEN for business and don’t forget our online store is open 24/7:

Here are TW TrainWorx Social Media Links:



With all that being said, how about some Coloring *FUN* for the young Traingineers during this turbulent time? Please feel free to print out Choo Choo Pops Coloring Book for YOUR Train loving youngsters and keep on Dreaming Big Dreams Trainiac Friends! *** OH and ADDED BONUS *** – – – – Choo Choo Pops Coloring Book is Absolutely FREE! Download YOUR Coloring Book here: Choo Choo Pops Coloring Book 

I’d love to see some finished masterpieces – please feel free to scan and email to me at

Happy Tracks!

Stay Strong, Safe, Healthy, and Happy,

TrainDame aka Dorcie
TW TrainWorx
(214) 243-0785

P.S. Feel free to share this link with all YOUR Coloring Friends & Family: Choo Choo Pops Coloring Book


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48 Days In…

That’s right, we’re only 48 days into the new year… new decade and today, we find some of our Traveling Traingineers in the Super Bowl Champion City of Kansas City, MO where they are just beginning installation on a custom TW TrainWorx O Gauge Layout designed and fabricated exclusively for Science City – Kansas City Union Station’s brand new TRAIN themed Children’s museum opening in the Spring 2020.

Let’s see so far in the first 48 days of this year the Traingineers have:

*Designed new layout for existing Traintastic Floridian customer and have approval to fabricate and install layout during second quarter
*Lined up meeting with New York Historical Society discussing new layout potential 🙂
*Dismantled the TWX custom Holiday Layout in Charlotte, NC where it will be stored until this year’s Holiday Season Set-up
*Dismantled The Trains at NorthPark Train Exhibit
*Dismantled two residential Holiday Layouts
*Worked “in house” at three different North Texas residential layouts where new mountains have moved in, streams have been poured, custom models of homes have been finished, engine shed modifications and continued Traingineer   activity for the remainder of the first quarter.
*Finished an extension to a Traintastic Customer’s O Gauge Layout to be installed in the Hill Country of Texas very soon
*Completed custom model’s; (3) Chrysler Buildings, Grand Central Terminal Base, Met Life Building, Empire State Building, and a Denver Union Station
*Finished fabrication on the Science City Museum
*Reagan, when not in Dallas, flew to Reno to assist with some electrical challenges on a layout ( not ours) and last week, before
flying out to Kansas City, handled a layout assessment
*Participated in two train shows

How about some pictures? First up 300 Express Holiday Layout displayed inside the Lobby of 300 Tryon in Charlotte, NC

Trains at NorthPark – Dallas, TX:

Hill Country Extension: North Texas Residential Layout:

Classic Landmark Series Buildings Under Construction:

Science City in McGowan St. Studio:

Science City Install – Kansas City, MO

Happy Tracks!

TrainDame aka Dorcie
TW TrainWorx
(214) 634-2965
Dallas, TX | Concord, NC


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2020…The TRAINTASTIC Twenties!

Happy New Year – Happy New Decade to all of our Trainiac friends 🙂

The Traingineers ended the decade accomplishing absolutely remarkable custom layout installations all over the country and a first…even in Canada! We are so blessed by each of our Top Traintastic Customers with Roger and I continuing to be in awe of the gifted group of employees we employ and passionately refer to as our Talented Traingineer Team!

Special shout-out of gratitude to each Traingineer Team Member: Paul Munger, Mike Reagan, Mike Ellis, Garrett Broyles, Eugene Kollman, George Watson, Dennis Magee, Judy Ellis, Jeff Matney, Nick Ellis, Ethan Tait, Abraham Alvarado, and Ulises Mendez. YIKES! I would be remiss not mentioning three honorary Traingineers; Joe Holtzinger, Stephanie Reagan, and Alex Mallaie, who’ve pitched in to assist and we’re very appreciative to have each “on Traingineer Duty Call”!

We expanded our reach and increased services we offer by adding the uber talented Mike Reagan to our team in 2017. Mike became our East Coast Director based out of Concord, NC. and from his East Coast Studio headed up fabrication/design/installation of three custom residential layouts for customers in Santa Fe, NM – Warren, NJ – Providence, RI and we’ve sent him all over the country for layout assessments, installations, service calls, and events; New York, Nevada, Texas, Kansas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Iowa, Florida, North Carolina and even Canada!

Going down Memory Lane a bit, Roger Farkash, founded Theatrical Warehouse Inc dba TW TrainWorx in 1982 – making this decade #4 for our small family owned business being in operation – truly a miracle in and of itself! Both of us will reach our 70’s in this decade and you’d think our founder and Creative Director would be talking the *R* word, right? Hmmm, not seeing that happen any time soon when his design calendar is just about booked for the first quarter of 2020 and his HUGE passion for what he does certainly is not subsiding!

Happy to say we’re starting out 2020 with a younger generation of Traingineers (almost half of our Traingineers are in their 20’s – early 40’s) and they are being mentored/taught by the Absolute Best of the Best in the toy train layout industry!

All this to say, we’re building a TW TrainWorx Legacy, and we’d love to have YOU become part of it! The Traintastic Traingineer Team is Still believing the Train Layout possibilities are endless : )

What a decade that was… in pictures, Enjoy!

Happy New Year Trainiac friends – wishing YOU and YOURS an extraordinarily blessed and prosperous 2020.

Happy Tracks,

TrainDame aka Dorcie Farkash
TW TrainWorx
(214) 634-2965


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It’s Dismantle Day!

In the post before you saw this layout with trains running and final touches being applied. Take a look now in the middle of “Dismantle Day” 🙂

Here are some “Fun Facts” about this layout:

Happy Tracks!

TrainDame aka Dorcie
TW TrainWorx
Dallas, TX | Concord, NC
(214) 634-2965


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It’s about to be crated… COME SEE!

Join me in taking a look at this TW TrainWorx Custom O Gauge Commercial Layout that is getting the final finishing touches applied before it’s dismantle time and shipped to Charlotte, NC next week!

Here are some fun facts…

  • The layout covers an area 24′ x 13′
  • Will be set up in the center of the Lobby area of the Barings Building, located in Uptown Charlotte, 300 South Tryon
  • Eight loops of track
  • Ten tunnels
  • 5 unique bridges
  • 40+ Custom made buildings
  • Custom Train Station
  • 200+ figures

Enjoy behind the scenes footage with TRAINS RUNNING!

Happy Tracks!

TrainDame aka Dorcie
TW TrainWorx
Dallas, TX | Concord, NC
(214) 634-2965
Est. 1982

Shop till you drop:


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It’s… Traingineers MOST Wonderful Time of YEAR!

Personally, I’ve never; been to the North Pole, visited Santa’s Workshop, petted any of Santa’s Reindeer, ridden over rooftops in Santa’s Sleigh, been elbow to elbow with all the elves BUT I bet it’s pretty darn close to what I get to experience up close and personal – right here this time of year, inside the McGowan Street Studio! With all the Holiday Activity going on for the TW TrainWorx Traingineers it’s truly crazy to see SO much Terrifically Traintastic layouts being; wired up, touched up, started up, finished up, designed, and/or installed all over this great country of ours… Makes this TrainDame’s head spin 🙂

Our Traingineer-ette, Judy just created a list of TW TrainWorx Holiday Train Display’s that YOU… yes YOU, can see and experience throughout the Holiday Season. Proud to present Six of our commercial custom layouts that YOU must be sure to add to YOUR Holiday Event Plans:

Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas ya’ll – from deep in the heart of Texas 🙂

Happy Tracks,

TrainDame aka Dorcie
TW TrainWorx
(214) 634-2965

P.S. Also, if you’d like a print out of the list above, please feel free to download this PDF: TW TrainWorx Holiday Train Displays




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