Carving Odyssey with the talented Traingineers…

The below video was recently added to our Houston Museum of Natural Science “Trains Over Texas” series of fabrication process videos… check it out!

Happy Tracks!

Traindame aka Dorcie Farkash
TW TrainWorx
Dallas, Texas USA
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Announcing… Live with Traindame!

One of the coolest aspects of being around the incredibly creative, crazy talented, and super skilled Traingineers is being able to see first hand the massive amount of progress that can happen in a week… a day… or heck even in a couple of hours on the studio floor!

So with that in mind, and having my handy dandy iPhone and Facebook *Live* video, I’ve officially started my “Traindame… Live in 5” series and invite you to view my very first episode which features a cool look at the making of the Houston Museum of Natural Science’s Trains Over Texas displays opening November 18, 2016.

Oh… and be on the lookout for a truly behind the scenes, I’m talking – filmed WAY in the back portion of our studio sneak peek look at the 17′ Pecos River Bridge : )


Happy Tracks!

Traindame aka Dorcie Farkash
TW TrainWorx
(214) 634-2965

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First EVER Traingineer… ‘TRACKLAPSE’

The ABC’s have done it again! Alan, Ben, & Connor just completed TW TrainWorx Production’s second video documenting fabrication for the Houston Museum of Natural Science
Train Display ***TRAINS OVER TEXAS***

Hats off to this first ever… ‘TRACKLAPSE’… Enjoy!


Happy Tracks!

Traindame aka Dorcie Farkash
TW TrainWorx
Dallas, Texas USA
(214) 634-2965


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INTRODUCING… TW TrainWorx Productions

TW TrainWorx is excited to announce the addition of three incredibly talented, motivated, and highly skilled Traingineers who are in the midst of fabricating one of our largest train displays to date for the Houston Museum of Natural Science. The display is over 1,300 square feet and is guaranteed to become a destination experience for years to come!

Ben Galbraith, Connor Erickstad, and Alan Lockwood came to Roger and I proposing they use their digital media skills to document the fabrication of the RAPTOR RAIL… check out their first video:

Initial reviews just in from the first TW TrainWorx Productions Video, Produced by Alan, Ben, and Connor… Ha – – -the ABC Team : )

*An absolutely beautiful video Dorcie! – Jim M. Illinois

*Very awesome!!! – Jack W. New Mexico

*I thoroughly enjoyed this video and the size and scope of the Houston Museum of Natural Science layout is Awesome. Continue making the magic. – Bob C. Texas

*Wow wow wow! You can learn a LOT from these. I look forward to sharing with our listeners. – Derek T. Indiana | Notch 6

Happy Tracks!

Traindame aka Dorcie Farkash
TW TrainWorx
(877) 881-4997

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*Kansas City Union Station… Order YOURS today!

July 27th, 2016…

Chief Traingineer, Roger Farkash, is in Kansas City, MO for the LCCA Convention where early this morning the NBC local news station featured our Classic Landmark Series, Kansas City Union Station model right smack dab inside the REAL Kansas City Union Station!

Watch video right here:

The NBC Newscaster’s direct quote about the KCU Station model: “The detail is exquisite!”
Whoo Hoo – how fabulous to get that kind of review while viewing the model inside the actual station : )

Here’s YOUR chance to *Own YOUR own Kansas City Union Station right NOW!


Here are all the details you need…

*Dimensions: 40″ x 14″ x 12 1/8″

*Each model is handcrafted & scenically painted in our TrainWorx Studio located in Dallas, Texas USA 

*Special LCCA Convention Price: $2,897.00 | Price includes LED Lights PLUS… Shipping!

*BUY Online NOW:     or call (877) 881-4997 and place YOUR order TODAY!

You will Receive YOUR KCU Station via FedEx Home Delivery 4 to 6 weeks after order is placed.

Mike Phillips with Lionel just sent this picture of our KCU Station model in from inside the KCU Station during this week’s LCCA Convention!


Union-Station-replica2_1469642624014_43209038_ver1.0_640_480 Union-Station-replica5_1469642624030_43209039_ver1.0_640_480 Union-Station-replica6_1469642624038_43209040_ver1.0_640_480 Union-Station-replica7_1469642623919_43209037_ver1.0_640_480

*BUY Online NOW:     or call (877) 881-4997 and place YOUR order TODAY!

Happy Tracks!

Traindame aka Dorcie Farkash
TW TrainWorx
2808 McGowan St.
Dallas, Texas  75203

(877) 881-4997



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Locomotive Service Yard Addition

Roger and I had the pleasure of traveling up to see our favorite Amarillo customer, Tom Campbell, to install a very cool enhancement to his TrainWorx custom layout, the High Plains Division of the Panhandle and Santa Fe Railway.

Roger started collaborating with Tom in 2012 to realize his desire of having a train layout that would reflect features of the High Plains and Santa Fe style engineering. Tom has a wonderful 30 plus year history of actually working on the Santa Fe RR as an Engineer/Manager and he wanted his layout to reflect just that.

Our two day enhancement installation focused on this area that Tom had cleared out for his Locomotive Service Yard… aka – BEFORE SHOTS:





I thoroughly enjoyed my time with both Roger and Tom experiencing two days of listening to Tom’s great railroad stories and there really is nothing better than watching Roger in action and witnessing how he ties everything together as if the Service Yard had always been on Tom’s layout.
Please enjoy the AFTER SHOTS:

IMG_0341 IMG_0476 AIMG_0480

Train Buddies : )

IMG_0450 IMG_0455

Process Photos

IMG_0176 IMG_0208 IMG_0209 IMG_0211 IMG_0217 IMG_0230IMG_0174IMG_0280IMG_0190IMG_0246

Tom Campbell’s

Happy Tracks!

Traindame aka Dorcie Farkash
TW TrainWorx
2808 McGowan Street
Dallas, TX 75203

(877) 881-4997



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TCA National Convention in Houston, Texas!

TCA National Convention dates: June 18 – 26 | Hotel: The Houston Marriott Westchase | TCA Convention website:

Traingineers are getting ready for the TCA National Convention where we will have the Railway Express Agency layout on display right smack dab in the TCA Convention Hotel!

Rather than have the REA layout on the baggage cart, the Traingineers built a new base special for the TCA Convention, check it out:



A little bit of sprucing up before the REA heads to Houston next week:









We’re honored to have two custom TrainWorx layouts that will be included on the TCA’s layout tour:

  • Don MacCormack’s tour is Wednesday – June 22nd

  • Glen Rosenbaum’s tour is Thursday – June 23rd

Pictured below: Roger, Glen and Don – – – -> True Train Buds : )


Happy Tracks!

Traindame aka Dorcie Farkash
TW TrainWorx
2808 McGowan Street
Dallas, Texas  75203

(877) 881-4997

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