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*Kansas City Union Station… Order YOURS today!

July 27th, 2016…

Chief Traingineer, Roger Farkash, is in Kansas City, MO for the LCCA Convention where early this morning the NBC local news station featured our Classic Landmark Series, Kansas City Union Station model right smack dab inside the REAL Kansas City Union Station!

Watch video right here:

The NBC Newscaster’s direct quote about the KCU Station model: “The detail is exquisite!”
Whoo Hoo – how fabulous to get that kind of review while viewing the model inside the actual station : )

Here’s YOUR chance to *Own YOUR own Kansas City Union Station right NOW!


Here are all the details you need…

*Dimensions: 40″ x 14″ x 12 1/8″

*Each model is handcrafted & scenically painted in our TrainWorx Studio located in Dallas, Texas USA 

*Special LCCA Convention Price: $2,897.00 | Price includes LED Lights PLUS… Shipping!

*BUY Online NOW:     or call (877) 881-4997 and place YOUR order TODAY!

You will Receive YOUR KCU Station via FedEx Home Delivery 4 to 6 weeks after order is placed.

Mike Phillips with Lionel just sent this picture of our KCU Station model in from inside the KCU Station during this week’s LCCA Convention!


Union-Station-replica2_1469642624014_43209038_ver1.0_640_480 Union-Station-replica5_1469642624030_43209039_ver1.0_640_480 Union-Station-replica6_1469642624038_43209040_ver1.0_640_480 Union-Station-replica7_1469642623919_43209037_ver1.0_640_480

*BUY Online NOW:     or call (877) 881-4997 and place YOUR order TODAY!

Happy Tracks!

Traindame aka Dorcie Farkash
TW TrainWorx
2808 McGowan St.
Dallas, Texas  75203

(877) 881-4997



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Locomotive Service Yard Addition

Roger and I had the pleasure of traveling up to see our favorite Amarillo customer, Tom Campbell, to install a very cool enhancement to his TrainWorx custom layout, the High Plains Division of the Panhandle and Santa Fe Railway.

Roger started collaborating with Tom in 2012 to realize his desire of having a train layout that would reflect features of the High Plains and Santa Fe style engineering. Tom has a wonderful 30 plus year history of actually working on the Santa Fe RR as an Engineer/Manager and he wanted his layout to reflect just that.

Our two day enhancement installation focused on this area that Tom had cleared out for his Locomotive Service Yard… aka – BEFORE SHOTS:





I thoroughly enjoyed my time with both Roger and Tom experiencing two days of listening to Tom’s great railroad stories and there really is nothing better than watching Roger in action and witnessing how he ties everything together as if the Service Yard had always been on Tom’s layout.
Please enjoy the AFTER SHOTS:

IMG_0341 IMG_0476 AIMG_0480

Train Buddies : )

IMG_0450 IMG_0455

Process Photos

IMG_0176 IMG_0208 IMG_0209 IMG_0211 IMG_0217 IMG_0230IMG_0174IMG_0280IMG_0190IMG_0246

Tom Campbell’s

Happy Tracks!

Traindame aka Dorcie Farkash
TW TrainWorx
2808 McGowan Street
Dallas, TX 75203

(877) 881-4997



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3rd Annual Layout Festival… HUGE SUCCESS!!!


Dorcie aka Traindame, Roger aka Chief Traingineer, and all the TW TrainWorx Traingineers want to express our sincerest gratitude to all the Festival Attendees who traveled near and far, along with our Vendors, TrainWorx Layout owners, (past, present & future) and the Mighty Lifestyle Freedom Club Volunteers headed by John & Christie Di Lemme for being part of our: Fantabulous, Ferroequinology, Fellow-shipping, Fantastically Fun Festival!!

Because of YOUR generous hearts, you made it possible again this year to make a donation to the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas and we are applying the funds to create a ONE OF KIND table that will be raffled during the Dallas – Ronald McDonald House – Trains at NorthPark Event which opens in Dallas, Texas November 22, 2014… more on that soon 🙂

Enjoy the picture gallery below from the
Third Annual Layout Festival – September 27, 2014 – Dallas, Texas USA:

Now, if I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked, “So Traindame… What is the date going to be of next year’s FOURTH ANNUAL TW TRAINWORX FESTIVAL????”  Well, I’d be banking 🙂



Happy Tracks!

Traindame aka Dorcie Farkash
TW TrainWorx
2808 McGowan Street
Dallas, Texas  75203
(877) 881-4997


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What’s been going on in Traingineerland???

Whew!!!!! Catching my breath now and mind boggled that I didn’t post a peep on my blog in July – YIKES!!!

Below is a sentiment I’ve stated out loud at least 10 times (if not more) over the past 6 weeks…

“So wish I could be in two places at one time… or realistically… more like 5 places at once!”

I have been fortunate to be in a hopping travel mode with the Traingineers as we’ve been serving clientele from the West Coast – Thousand Oaks, California, on into the Mid West – Indianapolis, Indiana and Chilicothe, Ohio… and just when I think it can’t get any better… it does!

There are so many wonderful “Train Nuts” across this great country of ours, who are really some of the most “traintastic” (Traindame word) people we not only have the opportunity to produce layouts/product for but (*Added Bonus*) we also enjoy time making wonderful memories and experience INCREDIBLE fellowship with truly EXTRAORDINARY people!!

I was pondering the best way to get my past six weeks experience across to you and decided to put together a couple of Traindame Photo Collages:

But wait… before the collage, a shameless selfie first 🙂

Traindame & the Traingineers… completion of day #4 of California custom layout installation:



Summer of 2014
Thousand Oaks, California – Harry Potter Themed Layout

Collage June

Chillecothe, Ohio
Rooney Family Layout



Collage July Rooney

LCCA Convention
Indianapolis, Indiana



The countdown to our Third Annual Layout Festival has *BEGUN!

September 27th, 2014 is the date and YOU are guaranteed to have have more fun than an Engineer rounding the mountain pulling three miles of cars!

Be sure to sign up on the Official Attendee List because I am believing we are going to break last year’s attendance record and I want to make sure I am prepared!

Now activated… TW TrainWorx Third Annual Layout Festival link:

Happy Tracks!

Traindame aka Dorcie Farkash
TW TrainWorx
(877) 881-4997

Save The Date 2014


P.S. GET YOUR NAME ON THE ATTENDEE LIST… win a chance for  a bonus surprise if YOU travel the furthest!

P.P.S. Part of proceeds benefit the amazing Ronald McDonald House of Dallas



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Harry Potter and the TW Traingineers!

The Traingineers are heading to the West Coast in a couple of weeks to install our first ever Harry Potter themed train layout. Chief Traingineer, Roger Farkash, designed this layout complete with Hogwarts Castle, Great Hall, Station 9 3/4, Privet Drive and some absolutely awesome bridges hand crafted with our handy dandy laser cutting machine.

My favorite part of the layout are two areas where little Hogwarts can pop up and stand inside the Grand Hall on up through the Castle and then down on the other end of the layout they can pop up and be inside a loop with the London Bridge wrapping around them. CRAZY FUN I tell ya!

Get comfy, pull up closer to the screen, grab some popcorn and enjoy a quick slide show behind the scenes with the TW Traingineers inside the TrainWorx Studio:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Table Base: (Be sure to click on image to enlarge)

With a touch of paint…







DSC01415 DSC01416 DSC01417 DSC01418


Happy Tracks!

Traindame aka Dorcie Farkash
(877) 881-4997

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7 Days until TrainWorx 2nd Annual Layout Festival!


The countdown is on as Layout Festival preparations are in full swing!

SEPTEMBER 14, 2013
TrainWorx 2nd Annual Layout Festival
2808 McGowan St.
Dallas, Texas  75203

This year doubles in size from last year’s layout line up… last count, there will be 16 TrainWorx Layouts (all in various stages of completion) for our Festival Attendees to experience. Seriously…we’re about to bust through the roof — > at this rate, we’re going to have to expand and get that new building up – P R O N T O!


On the program layouts include:

  • BNSF Corporate Layout
  • Lionel Corporate Figure 8 Module
  • Houston, Wharton & Pecos Residential RR
  • Ronald McDonald House Water Tower
  • Railyard Hobby Store Layout
  • Rooney Family Layout
  • Lionel Towers
  • Texas Special Modular
  • LCCA Mini Layout
  • Lionel Branded 4 x 8
  • TrainWorx Hellgate Table
  • Lionel Branded 5 x 9 Table
  • Lionel Plano Modular Group
  • Tennessee Roy Table
  • Baggage Cart Layout
  • 0 – 27 Table

*New this year are VENDOR Tables! Only two tables available: Grab YOUR vendor table here NOW




Along with the Layouts will be some absolutely fabulous organizations and their outstanding representatives:

  • Museum of the American Railroad
  • BNSF Corporate Headquarters
  • BNSF Railroad Patrol
  • Lionel’s Mike Reagan, Dir. of Production & Customer Service
  • LCCA’s President Dennis Devito
  • Ronald McDonald House of Dallas
  • Lionel Plano Modular Group

mamafayes Cooking up under the tent will be mouth watering BBQ by the renown Mama Faye’s BBQ!

**Door prizes, raffle prizes and special bonuses are in store for this year’s attendees – – guaranteed to be RIDICULOUS FUN!!!



There is still time to access attendee registration – click here: Sign UP and be part of the 2nd Annual TrainWorx Layout Festival!!

Remember, cameras are…


I’m working on my Layout Festival…Absolutely…Crazy…Ridiculous…Value Packed…*Steal-of-a-Deal that *ONLY* Action Takers will have access to…more on that coming S O O N!

And truly, the best of the best about our Layout Festival is part of the proceeds benefit the wonderful Ronald McDonald House of Dallas – this organization serves SO MANY families as they deal with challenging medical issues.

That being said, a special THANK YOU to so many of you who’ve already donated while registering!!!
You are AWESOME 🙂 

Here is the link again:

2013 Festival Flyer

Happy Tracks!

Traindame aka Dorcie Farkash
TW TrainWorx
(877) 881-4997

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Choo Chooing at the LCCA Convention in Chattanooga!

The LCCA’s week long Convention is now in full swing at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel in Tennessee. Our Chief Traingineer, Roger Farkash with his Traingineer’s George and Roy as well as Lionel’s Tom Nuzzo were spotted just the other day… stopping this train!

AOn display in the hotel lobby is the World Famous Lionel Layout (designed in 2008 by Roger Farkash) where the LCCA Members get a close up (and in some cases) a hands on experience running trains!

Photo of layout in the lobby taken by Wes Schultz:


Please click on the link below to check out the video just sent in from this event:

Lionel Layout in the Choo Choo Chattanooga Hotel Lobby

Tonight (being July 17th ) at 7:00 pm, Roger Farkash will be giving one of his AMAZING and extremely educational seminars on “scenically making it happen on YOUR layout”… that would be my title of the seminar not sure the “official” title 🙂

Also on display at this year’s Convention is the Texas Scenic Modular Layout which incorporates the LCCA/Lionel Modular into a way cool layout which is catching on big time with modular train clubs across the country.

Here is a collage I did showing off our TrainWorx Modular *Coveralls:

CoverallsI’ll be joining the Traingineers tomorrow and will be sure to update my blog with more photos and fun stories from my adventures at the LCCA Convention at the Choo Choo Chattanooga Hotel. (Don’t ya just smile at the name of the hotel??)


The below photo was taken by Doug Strickland and is included in a front page article of the Chattanooga Times Free Press – that’s what I call Making HEADLINES in Chattanooga!

071713_WEB_a_Train_t618Click HERE to watch video and read article from the front page of Chattanooga Times Free Press just posted by the Lionel Collectors Club of America – Choo Choo Chattanooga…HERE I COME 🙂 


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