It’s a Masterpiece!

BNSF Train Layout: Design, Build, Install by T W TrainWorx

From the very beginning, when Roger Farkash received the call from BNSF to design, build, and install a train layout for the 2012 Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder’s Meeting, his creative energies cranked into high gear!


Design, fabricate and outfit a custom, 256 Square Foot, 8’ x 32’ castered table and train layout.

Some of the fun stuff:

  • Mountain and elevated theme recognizable asCajonPass & TwoMedicineBridge.
  • Remaining table surface divided into industrial sidings and city /small town elements depicting industries serviced by BNSF and/or associates with BH companies.
  • Table Base: Eight 4’ x 8’ platforms mounted on steel wagons with 5’ casters.
  • Table Top: Aprox. 50 buildings (both standard & custom)
  • Video Billboards: Six 7” video billboards mounted and wired.
  • Track: approximately 330 feet, switches, bumpers, trestles, bridges and railings.
  • Trains: Six engines. Sixty various cars.
  • Wiring: track and accessories in modular format for rapid assembly and dismantle.
  • Controls: Transformers, wiring and relays with custom rack. Two Lionel Legacy control systems.


  • Keep it under wraps until May 5, 2012 debut in Omaha,Nebraska (killer accomplishment for Traindame!)


  • “This is a masterpiece!” – Warren Buffet, March 5th, 2012

Check it out…

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2 thoughts on “It’s a Masterpiece!”

  1. love it, also saw some shots of OGR Forum. What did you use for the girder bridge? I’m going to be building one for my Milwaukee Road. Thanks Don

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