Missouri… Rhode Island… North Carolina…

And why do you think TrainDame is spot-lighting those three states in particular???

Crazy excited to share with all my Trainiac friends that TW TrainWorx is now – – – wait for it – – – Booked for 2019! What????? I know, crazy cool right??? Make that down right Traintastic.

It is such a blessing to be serving this toy train niche with our customers, both residential and commercial, that participate in some highly creative collaboration with us in order to realize their train layout experience. Well I am super excited to share that two of three projects are for commercial customers and that means YOU aka the PUBLIC can experience this Holiday Season!!

First up, Missouri… our Creative Director, Roger Farkash, is the lead designer on a layout for a new, TRAIN themed children’s museum that will be opening in Kansas City Union Station’s Science City Museum!!!

Moving on to Rhode Island, our East Coast Director, Mike Reagan, is the lead designer for a residential client and this layout will be built in Reagan’s Concord studio for delivery to Rhode Island in August!!

Thirdly… Traingineers will be fabricating a commercial layout that will be featured in the lobby of a Charlotte skyscraper and installed right after Thanksgiving!!

Had to share our three newest customers and also share that this is the first time we’ll be installing a TW TrainWorx Layout in; Missouri, Rhode island, and now North Carolina! Zippity Do Da Day… TrainDame is pumped like diesel 🙂

Back here at home in Big D the Traingineers are installing the Carter Family RR in North Texas. They started yesterday and will be finishing up mid-week. I thought you’d enjoy seeing some of the installation pictures, Enjoy!

Happy Tracks!

TrainDame aka Dorcie Farkash
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  1. Hi You folks are trainiffic in advancing the cause for O Gauge Railroading. Please keep up the great work. Sincerely L. Clampffer Sugar Land, Texas

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