Locomotive Service Yard Addition

Roger and I had the pleasure of traveling up to see our favorite Amarillo customer, Tom Campbell, to install a very cool enhancement to his TrainWorx custom layout, the High Plains Division of the Panhandle and Santa Fe Railway.

Roger started collaborating with Tom in 2012 to realize his desire of having a train layout that would reflect features of the High Plains and Santa Fe style engineering. Tom has a wonderful 30 plus year history of actually working on the Santa Fe RR as an Engineer/Manager and he wanted his layout to reflect just that.

Our two day enhancement installation focused on this area that Tom had cleared out for his Locomotive Service Yard… aka – BEFORE SHOTS:





I thoroughly enjoyed my time with both Roger and Tom experiencing two days of listening to Tom’s great railroad stories and there really is nothing better than watching Roger in action and witnessing how he ties everything together as if the Service Yard had always been on Tom’s layout.
Please enjoy the AFTER SHOTS:

IMG_0341 IMG_0476 AIMG_0480

Train Buddies : )

IMG_0450 IMG_0455

Process Photos

IMG_0176 IMG_0208 IMG_0209 IMG_0211 IMG_0217 IMG_0230IMG_0174IMG_0280IMG_0190IMG_0246

Tom Campbell’s

Happy Tracks!

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    1. Great web site. My brother and I had a good sized Lionel O-27 layout with some really interesting cars from the 1960’s. We knew that they did not make sense, but we both loved to play with them. While both of us were in college, my Dad sold the whole set to a hobby shop that specialized in Lionel. He was proud of how much money he got for the whole set. I wished we had kept it because I know how much some of items like a pair of Erie locomotives cost today or a complete “Super Chief” set is worth in today’s world. None the less, we do have some great photos of the set when it was in full action in our Minneapolis basement. Keep up the good work. Thank you. Bruce Holberg

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