Forty Years… 1979 – 2019

That’s right Trainiac Friends, August 30th, 2019 marked four decades that TrainDame and Chief Traingineer, Roger Farkash, have been married!!

Wowzers right? What do you do to celebrate such a momentous occasion?? Easy Peezy, decide to go off the radar for a long weekend! First off, we headed back to the Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe, New Mexico where we were blessed to say our wedding vows, then headed on up to the High Timber Family Ranch just South East of Chama, NM with our ENTIRE family and top off the weekend with a ride on the Cumbres/Toltec Steam Train!! Such an amazing time we had and we especially cherished being able to share the adventure with our four grandchildren; Deacon age five (almost), Ford age four, Wade age three, and Lilly age two. We all had too much CRAZY fun I tell ya!!! Ha… and don’t you know, there was a TRAIN SHOW in Santa Fe to boot and we ran into one of our Traintastic customers – Henry Day!! 

If you’d told me some forty years ago that Roger would start a company in 1982 (same year our son was born) the very next year give birth to our daughter, two years later I would go to work with Roger, then in 2008 we’d create a new division of TW Design… TW TrainWorx – same year create an alter persona TrainDame, have commercial Train Layouts in; Dallas, Houston, New York City, Pittsburgh, and coming soon to Charlotte and Kansas City PLUS residential Train Layouts spread coast to coast throughout the USA and CANADA – well I would’ve told you, “WHAT, ARE YOU CRAZY – NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!”Well, WAY 🙂 

Sharing the photo fun of our 40th Wedding Anniversary Adventure… All A Board!

Happy Tracks!

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TW TrainWorx makes the COVER… Again :)

Not just any cover but, the Christmas Run 295 | December 2017 Cover of the OGR Magazine that features Skip Natoli’s Polar Express Layout made exclusively for Skip by TW TrainWorx! Chief Traingineer, and Creative Director – Roger Farkash, had a blast working with Skip and bringing his vision of exactly what he wanted his “in the style of – Polar Express” Layout to be. Here’s picture of magazine taken in my office chair…

Roger says, “Hello, take a picture of the magazine on the Polar Express we’re working on for Pete!” So of course… I did : )

Then Roger said, “Wait, I am going to go get a Polar Express Train…”

So I was on the OGR Forum and the wonderful OGR Webmaster shared this *Traintastic article and YOU can read it right here… Enjoy!! POLAR EXPRESS ARTICLE

Now it’s time to head home and root for those ASTROS playing in the World Series!!! #HoustonStrong

Happy Tracks!

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Lone Star State Custom Layouts by TW TrainWorx Traingineers

I was working on gathering photos for a new photo book I’m doing… what’s that? YOU didn’t know that TW TrainWorx Top Custom Layout Customers receive a photo book depicting the collaborative process from design…. fabrication… to installation? Well it’s true and yours truly has the pure enjoyment of creating each photo journal book – but I get OFF TRACK 🙂 Anywho’s (quoting my daughter) I blew myself away looking back at all the custom layouts Roger Farkash (Chief Traingineer & Creative Director) has designed and our truly talented Traingineers have engineered and fabricated over the years!

Nuff said (Texas slang) let the pictures do the talking… Enjoy shots of Lone Star State – that’d be TEXAS, custom layouts; Designed, Fabricated, and Installed by TW TrainWorx Traingineers – YEE HAW!!!!

Happy Tracks!

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Layout Trifecta – New Jersey

This custom layout installation was actually two additional sections we added to the existing TW TrainWorx Custom Hellgate/Subway Layout we did for Jim in 2015.

Enjoy a few process photos followed by the installation photos:

What a Jumping June for the Traingineers – June Trifecta of Installations is now in the History Books!

I bet you’re saying to yourself…. I want a TW TrainWorx Custom Layout 🙂 Lets GO FOR IT!!!

Happy Tracks!

Traindame aka Dorcie Farkash
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Dallas, Texas | North Carolina | USA!!

Introducing the Denver Union Station…


In the style of – Denver Union Station – Classic Landmark Series #80202
Limited Edition of ONLY 66 (Sixty-six) Signed and Numbered Pieces

When TW TrainWorx Creative Director and Chief Traingineer, Roger Farkash, first visited Denver in 1966, the #1 “To Do” on his Vacation List was to ride the Denver & Rio Grande Ski Train from Denver Union Station to Winter Park, a wish his Uncle John Farkash delightfully granted! As a 15 year young “Certified Train Nut” from New Jersey who had regularly been exposed to New York’s Grand Central Terminal and the (then) recently demolished New York Pennsylvania Station, the scale and grandeur of Denver’s Union Station was excitedly impressive, and the day trip up and back into the Colorado Rockies was enshrined into his Railroading Life Experience!

Fast Forward 50 years later…

Since the inception of our TW TrainWorx Classic Landmark Series “In the Style of” Legendary American Train Stations, the Denver Union Station has been high on our customer’s “WANTED” list. With our decision this winter to participate in the Rocky Mountain Train Show for the first time, we decided to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Roger’s trip to Denver by developing an ‘O’ Gauge Sized Structure based on the iconic, Denver Union Station. It is with great pleasure that we announce the introduction of our latest Classic Landmark Series, Model #80202, in the style of the Denver Union Station!



This impressive 36.25″ W x 16.25″ D x 16.5″ H model depicts the highly detailed front and back of the Iconic Central portion of the current Station Structure, designed by Denver architects Gove and Walsh, built in the Beaux-Arts style and opened in 1914. It includes the massive, signature “UNION STATION Travel by Train” sign that was added in 1952, and while not a true 1:48th scale model of the station, it has been architecturally compressed, with entrance doors that readily accommodate and relate to scale 1:48th figures.

With our decision last year to develop this project to commemorate Roger’s visit to “Denver’s Front Door” fifty years ago, it was determined that this homage to Denver Railroading would be a limited edition of ONLY 66 Signed and Numbered Pieces, each a Handcrafted, One Of Kind, “Art of the Train” made by our talented crafts people in Dallas, Texas, USA.

We invite the collectors and modelers of the Union Pacific; Denver & Rio Grande Western; Denver, South Park & Pacific; Colorado Central; Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy; Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific; Colorado & Southern; and Amtrak Railroads to take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to own what will become a unique collector’s piece that will be the centerpiece of Your Own Model Railroad Layout or Model Train Collection by purchasing YOUR Personally Numbered Station during it’s introduction this inaugural weekend, March 3-5, 2017!

To purchase YOUR Station or for additional information, please contact Traindame aka Dorcie Farkash at (877) 881-4997 or email



Traindame & Traingineers Traveling Adventures continue…

Spring may be winding down but Traindame and the Traingineer’s traveling schedule is just getting warmed up!

This past weekend I joined Chief Traingineer, Roger Farkash, to check in, talk trains and break bread with three of our dear custom layout clients…

First stop – Huntsville, Texas where we found Don MacCormack focused on enhancements to his layout in preparation for a Layout Tour Bus full of ‘Train Nuts’ from the Houston TCA National Conventional who will have the pleasure to experience Don’s custom layout, Wednesday June 22nd. Roger assisted with some scenic landscaping and poured water to a creek underneath the Erie bridge – I had some fun and video taped the lesson : ) Please feel free to watch instructional video on pouring in water here: Making water

Enjoy some photos from our first stop at Don’s:

Roger and Don_Thumbs UP!











Next stop was little further down the road to Shenandoah, Texas where Roger added some trees and landscaping for the final touches to Steve Tripp’s custom layout. I love what his wife had to say about Steve since the arrival of his layout last month; “He can’t stand to stay away from his train room, I know where I can find him!”











Also on the Houston TCA National Convention Layout tour will be Glen Rosenbaum’s Houston, Wharton & Pecos River Railroad, another custom layout by TW TrainWorx. You can see his layout Thursday, June 23rd and while you are there, be sure and get a picture taken with Traingineer, George Watson, who will be running trains on the HW&PR during the tour! Enjoy some past photos taken of the HW&PR …

Arrival at Wharton






The Yard

Here is a link for more information about the
TCA National Convention in Houston, TX – – – > Click away: 2016 TCA National Convention

Holiday Express – Toys & Trains from Jerni Collection

Chief Traingineer, Roger Farkash, designed a new layout for the New York Historical Society which will be part of their Holiday Express Exhibition
opening October 30, 2015 and running through February 28, 2016!

Roger and George will be in NY for tomorrow’s opening so I’ve been getting some great behind the scenes pictures and videos!

Let’s start with video Roger took during the graveyard shift this morning:

Pictures Roger’s taken during installation:










Please come back for more… I’ll be posting more photos of TW TrainWorx custom layout for the NYHS tomorrow… October 30th!

As promised… here you go – Powered UP and ready for showtime!





Video taken opening day… Enjoy!

The Jerni Train Collection is really something – I am looking forward to being in NY this December to see and experience the exhibit up close and personal. Here is more information about the exhibit… click away: Holiday Express Exhibit:

Check out these artifacts:

IMG_6905 IMG_6903 IMG_6906 IMG_6908 IMG_6907 IMG_6912 IMG_6913

Happy Tracks,

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Harry Potter and the TW Traingineers!

The Traingineers are heading to the West Coast in a couple of weeks to install our first ever Harry Potter themed train layout. Chief Traingineer, Roger Farkash, designed this layout complete with Hogwarts Castle, Great Hall, Station 9 3/4, Privet Drive and some absolutely awesome bridges hand crafted with our handy dandy laser cutting machine.

My favorite part of the layout are two areas where little Hogwarts can pop up and stand inside the Grand Hall on up through the Castle and then down on the other end of the layout they can pop up and be inside a loop with the London Bridge wrapping around them. CRAZY FUN I tell ya!

Get comfy, pull up closer to the screen, grab some popcorn and enjoy a quick slide show behind the scenes with the TW Traingineers inside the TrainWorx Studio:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Table Base: (Be sure to click on image to enlarge)

With a touch of paint…







DSC01415 DSC01416 DSC01417 DSC01418


Happy Tracks!

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