Traindame’s *Steal-of-a-Deals*

TW TrainWorx 5′ x 10′ Custom table BASE & TOP
Primed and Painted… DYI – Light!

You’ll have to thank Derreck, from Montoursville, PA for this exclusive, time sensitive, never before been offered, table base and top for YOU to customize as you wish!! I’m calling it a Train Table DYI-Light because you’re off to a Traintastic start with our custom base and table top pre-fabricated and painted!!

The table base has two shelves on either end (great for displaying your trains) branded with LIONEL arch on each side and the top is pine framing with drop edge topped with 1/2″ maple plywood covered with 1″ blue foam. YOU can go to town designing your own RR and Do It Yourself or like Derreck is doing, will be joined by his son for some incredible memory making time, working on their OWN RR! How cool is that??? Absolutely no “screen” time necessary with this Father/Son project 🙂

After doing some online research, Derreck came across several photos of train tables but focused in on one of TW TrainWorx tables designed by Chief Traingineer, Roger Farkash, in 2013… table base pictured here:

Here is a Roger’s sketch and photo of the completed layout pictured in our Dallas, McGowan Street Studio:



Here is my Steal-Of-A-Deal – December 11th | Happy Birthday Roger | offer for *3* of our
Lionel Branded 5′ x 10′ – Primed and Painted Table Base and Top with 1″ Blue Foam. Delivery to 2019 Spring York Event (York, PA) included :


Yes, today (December 11th) is Roger’s birthday and he is in Kansas City, MO with our East Coast Director, Mike Reagan so this is a SURPRISE... he’s going to find out about it same time as YOU!! I spoke with my brother from another mother aka TW TrainWorx Estimator, Paul and he said; “Dorcie… this is CRAZY – you can only offer *3* more at this price… *3*”.

Okay! So…. Who are the fab four going to be???? Derreck from PA is #1 🙂

Please call (214) 634-26965 to get YOUR name on our Traingineer Project Board for TrainDame’s First EVER – DYI Light, Custom TW TrainWorx Table Base and Top with 1″ Blue Foam ready for YOUR imagination and ingenuity to take over! 

or… buy online NOW – THIS LINK IS FOR YOU! 5′ x 10′ Table Base & Top 

Happy Tracks!

TrainDame aka Dorcie Farkash
TW TrainWorx
(214) 634-2965


3 thoughts on “Traindame’s *Steal-of-a-Deals*”

  1. Dorcie, this is the 2nd reply; the first one was to ask for dimensions. Unfortunately, I found the dimensions, and I don’t think (no, it won’t!) it will work. But I’m still thinking about it! If I come up with a solution, I’ll let you know right away! Love, Gil

  2. Hi,
    Is the GCT base still available?
    I have the both the original and small version.
    Thank you.

    1. Yes, the GCT Base for the GCT Model we produced for Lionel is still available. Currently, our Laser Cutting Calendar requires six to eight weeks production time before shipping.

      Here is some information on the base:

      Roger Farkash, designed this PERFECT base to show off the Lionel Grand Central Terminal
      Model designed and fabricated by TW TrainWorx in 2009. The base measures approximately
      26″ x 39″ x 5″ tall and sits on a 29″ x 42″ base plate. First introduced in December 2014!

      The price is $1,897.00 and you can purchase online here: or place order by calling (214) 634-2965

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