Houston… We Have S U C C E S S!!!!

It’s been a long time coming and I am happy to say the layout installation of the Houston, Wharton, & Pecos River RR has been completed and to quote the layout owner: “the incredible piece of artwork now resides in his Train Gallery!”

Wow, I had no idea of the absolute pleasure I was embarking on back in June of 2011 when Glen first contacted us to collaborate with him to make his 50+ year dream layout come true… all the while, at the same time he was in the process of remodeling/adding on to his family home in Houston. I won’t go into a long account of the extraordinary experience but will take the opportunity to focus on two items:

#1. The entire layout – all 410 sq. ft. of it (14′ x 30′) went up into the train room (back then it was a “room”) through a hole in the floor (not kidding) which was deemed the “Farkash Hatch” by Glen and his Architects from the get go!

Farkash Hatch Collage:


And on to…

#2. Glen’s home was chosen to be 1 of 8 in the 38th Annual Rice Design Alliance Architecture Tour which you all are invited to partake in Houston, Texas –  March 28th and 29th! Read all about it right here:
Architecture Tour

I have it from my sources that there will be an exclusive article written about the Houston, Wharton, and Pecos River RR very soon and until then I can’t post any “finished finished” photos but here are a few I took of the Traingineers during last weekend’s installation:

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This video just in from the inaugural running of the trains on the
Houston, Wharton, & Pecos River Railroad, ENJOY!


Next in line for the Traingineer Production Studio is a layout for a gentleman in California who Roger designed a Harry Potter themed train layout for and just added to our production schedule another residential layout for a gentleman in Alabama whom we had the pleasure of meeting at last year’s LCCA Convention!

Happy Tracks!

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