Residential Layout heading out…

The Traingineers will be finishing up an installation for a North Texas Residential Layout this week leaving space on the studio floor to be filled with four other incoming layouts!

I do often sound like a broken record and here I go again – the Traingineers absolutely outdid themselves in every aspect of craftsmanship with this 200 square foot O Gauge Layout!

Chief Traingineer, Roger Farkash, designed this layout to incorporate six built-in display areas with five metal shelves in each for a total of 160 feet of shelving in the base made out Red Oak. The elevated track loop oversees several Traingineer hand crafted models; including the Hotel Settles, Big Spring, TX Station, Dallas Union Terminal, replica of church customers were married in and a high rise business office that can be seen off the Dallas Tollway!

Enjoy some photos of preparing for final walk-through with customer, dismantling, and installing in Dallas, TX USA!

Happy Tracks!

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