We made it through… Here’s to 2022!

Where do I begin in reviewing our 2021? At the beginning of course! Excitedly, the first six months proved to be strong with every indication it was going to be a record breaking year. We started the year dismantling the Trains at NorthPark Display and had half a dozen layouts on the studio floor all in various stages of fabrication. Chief Traingineer, Roger Farkash, was designing layouts for several residential customers and two museums as well.

Our East Coast Director, Mike Reagan, was contracted by MTH to organize and optimize MTH’s extensive parts department. This endeavor started in July of 2020 and involved the renaming of over 24K (yes, thousand!) parts. The newly formed company; MTH Parts & Sales LLC launched their new website on 9/24/21. The company is continuing to post new exploded view diagrams for all of their products (and will be for the next several years!).

The talented Traingineer’s had a North Texas residential layout installation in March (actually, that ended up being the last topic I posted on my blog until now) which went great, followed up by a Suspended RR installation for a North Texas Commercial Office Setting.

*** July started off with fireworks – July 4th kinda fireworks and then… July 25th – fire engine and ambulance sirens/lights kinda fireworks in front of our home to take Roger to the hospital with an Oxygen level reading in the high 40’s, absolutely frightening!

Roger and I both got the Rona at the same time and I was able to recover without a hospital stay, but Roger had several complications and quite frankly “close calls” that lead to a 53 day Hospitalization with far too many of them in ICU, and then a 16 day stint to begin his initial Rehabilitation. He was released from the Rehabilitation Hospital October 1st and started his now, three month, at home Physical and Occupational Therapy. His accomplishments since being home have been tremendous and we both get into the studio three to four times a week.

During the upheaval and physical struggle Roger was dealing with – our fearless and courageous TW TrainWorx Traingineers never missed a beat! We both are so incredibly grateful for their amazing talents, their commitment and dedication to their work and to all of our Traintastic customers as well. With that in mind, let me share why everyday we counted our blessings during that time frame and what was accomplished:

  • HO Layout install – Texas
  • O Gauge Layout install – Georgia
  • O Gauge Layout install – Texas
  • Illinois Railroad Museum install – Illinois
  • TANP Display Design/Installation – Texas
  • Onsite layout service call – Nevada
  • Charlotte, NC O Gauge Layout install
  • Online Orders – Country Wide

To be here NOW, at the finish line of 2021 is truly an astounding miracle! We have SO much to look forward to, especially with a four decades in the making milestone that I invite you to celebrate with me ALL YEAR LONG!!!! And just what might that milestone be???

Roger founded Theatrical Warehouse Inc (hence the T W of TrainWorx) DECEMBER 1, 1982 – four decades ago – 2022 is our 40th year in business!!!! 1982 – 2022 !! Say what???? Yup – forty years. (I think God wanted him to be around for the milestone… in the flesh.)

What’s on the Traingineering Board for 2022?

  • Residential layout design/fabrication/installations in; California, Wisconsin, Georgia, Washington, & Utah
  • Commercial layout installations in; Texas, Indiana, & North Carolina
  • Custom Model Building

Most importantly, the continuation of getting back on track with the strong recovery of our Founder, Fearless Leader, and Creative Director aka Chief Traingineer – Roger!

With profound gratitude I thank YOU the readers and the followers of my blog for YOUR love of toy trains, model making, layout building, mountain carving, and following the behind the scenes adventures of the TW TrainWorx Traingineers!

God Bless, Be Well, and Happy New Year!!

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  1. Everything I read and all you people do is truly amazing and it makes me happy that I got back into this Hobby. Hopefully all will stay healthy this year and really blow us away with your designs . Knowing and seeing what you you accomplished in 2021 fighting off the Virus irs mind boggling Ti think what will be accomplished in a healthy Year. Happy and Healthy New Year to all at a TrainWorx.

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  2. Great news on Rogers recovery. All the best Dorcie to you & Roger for a healthy & happy New Year & continued success with Train Works.

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    > Dorcie aka Traindame posted: ” Where do I begin in reviewing our 2021? At > the beginning of course! Excitedly, the first six months proved to be > strong with every indication it was going to be a record breaking year. We > started the year dismantling the Trains at NorthPark Display and h” >

  3. Congratulations on your 40th Anniversary , it’s truly a milestone!
    So sorry to hear about your illness, glad that you and Roger on your way to a complete and speedy recovery.
    Wishing you and all your incredible crew a Happy and Healthy New Year.

  4. Dorcie & Roger,
    You both are truly blessed to be coming out of 2021 and be able to shout about it. I am glad to hear that Roger is on the mend and want to wish you and Roger good health in this new year, but please be careful during this new variant period. Your picture of Roger with your grandchildren was one for the four decades of TW TrainWorx. I’m sure those grandkids helped Roger through some tough times. Best wishes to you all.

  5. Happy to learn that Roger is on the “track” to recovery. I REALLY enjoy reading Dorcie’s emails and seeing what is possible in a magical layout, designed, developed and constructed by the best! Some day, perhaps Santa will visit us old people like he visits young people, and a TrainWorks layout will be reality in my home. Just beautiful!

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