Turn Around… Holiday Season 2022 is HERE!

Ya’ll – Thanksgiving is in 24 days, Christmas is in 55 days, New Years Day in 61 days, BUT in only 30 days….

TW TrainWorx aka TW Design aka Theatrical Warehouse Inc celebrates 40 years in business – W H A T ?!?! I kid you not my Trainiac friends, that is an Absolutely TRUE Statement of FACT!!!!! Well Gaaawwwwley (Remember Gomer Pile???

December 1st, 1982 our Founder and Chief Traingineer, Roger Farkash – founded Theatrical Warehouse Inc to initially; design/build/install stage sets for theatres, film, and industrial shows in and around Dallas, Texas USA.

Fast forward to 2009 and TW TrainWorx, a Division of Theatrical Warehouse, was created and has been growing steadily ever since with 2019 seeing 95% of our revenue coming solely from our Traintastic Train Customers – YEE HAW!

Surviving the pandemic was in itself a major accomplishment, and Covid Craziness turned out to not only be a bane but a blessing in that we experienced an amazing convergence of existing and new train enthusiasts focused on putting a TW TrainWorx Custom Layout on the TOP OF THEIR wish list!

We are working on some incredible O Gauge Layouts in both our Dallas & Concord Studios and excited to announce that we are collaborating with the Muncie Children’s Museum in Indiana to design/build/install a new O Gauge Layout for their Children’s Museum for 2023!

June the Traingineers traveled to Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin to install the Colorado Section of a residential basement layout – enjoy some photos from that install:

Next up in July, was an installation of two O Gauge Residential Layouts (one was rectangular, the other was oval shaped) in Glendale, California – Enjoy these photos from install:

November 12, 2022 – The Trains at NorthPark opens! This annual Holiday Event in Dallas, Texas helps to support the amazing Ronald McDonald House of Dallas Charity and serves as their largest fund raiser. Please help support this wonderful organization! For more information, this link is for YOU: http://www.thetrainsatnorthpark.com/

Here’s to making the last two months of 2022 Totally Traintastic and I will especially cherish the last 30 days of year 39 for our small family owned business chugging right along!!!

Can I get a Yee Haw?!?!

Happy Tracks!

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Be sure to PRE-ORDER our collaborative product with MTH/Railking – O Gauge | Santa Fe American Crane Cars!!! This link is for YOU: https://www.twtrainworxstore.com/product/sf-crane-car/

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  1. Yee haw !!!
    And a big choo choo to you !!

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