Cheers to 40 Years!

Yepper, TW TrainWorx – a Division of TW Design is turning 40 in 2022!!

What a phenomenal journey this has been and what an incredible accomplishment for Roger to have started this business a mere 7 months after the birth of our first child, Frank, who just turned 40 a couple of days ago.

December 1, 1982, Roger founded Theatrical Warehouse Inc to be a business serving the Theatrical Community here in Dallas, TX where he led – design, fabrication, and installation of stage sets primarily for theatres. The quick synopsis goes like this…

Initial focus encompassed design and construction of stage sets for Theatres which expanded into design/construction for; Corporate Industrial Shows, Toy Fair Showrooms, Tradeshow Exhibits, Museum Displays, Amusement Parks, and for the ’99 NY Toy Fair, Roger designed a custom booth for MTH incorporating running toy trains!  In 2005, TW TrainWorx became the Official Layout Builder for Lionel when Jerry Calabrese was at the helm of Lionel, participating in shows across the country.

In 2009 we created our TW TrainWorx (TWX) Division and now, thirteen years later 100% of our business is designing/building/installing toy train layouts for both residential and commercial customers all over the USA and… even in Canada!

Knock me over with a feather, never in my wildest imagination did I see Toy Trains and Custom Layouts as becoming 100% of our business. Who’d a thunk a young man in his late 30’s, with a wife, 7-month-old baby boy, no business/management education, working a second job at the Dallas Summer Musicals, and in the early 80’s declaring himself a “businessman by default” is now, in 2022, celebrating *40* years in his thriving family owned business!!! Absolutely Mind Boggling I tell you!

What’s that you ask? When did I come onboard with Theatrical Warehouse Inc dba TW Design/TrainWorx? After the birth of our second child, Lindsay in 1983, I went back into the work force doing some marketing for another startup company and Roger asked me;

“Why don’t you do what you’re doing for them for me?” We made it official in March of 1985 and although I wouldn’t necessarily recommend being in business with your spouse for every young couple… for Roger and me, it’s made our phenomenal journey quite extraordinary!!!!

Speaking of Phenomenal and Extraordinary I am in awe and grateful to say – we are booked solid for 2022 and have even started a 2023 waiting list for custom layouts! Our family-owned business is truly blessed beyond measure to have on staff the Incredibly Talented Traingineers, Our East Coast Division headed up by the one and only, Mike Reagan, and honest to God we do have the absolute BEST CUSTOMERS who continue sharing the legacy of Toy Trains all the while making eyes pop, jaws drop and while sharing the experience of their own custom TWX Layout.

2022 projects on the Traingineer Board in Dallas and/or Concord that are either – in design, under construction and/or delivered include; Six O Gauge Residential Layouts with final destinations in: California, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, Virginia, and one custom residential layout being modified to be set up inside the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital in Frisco!

Our talented Traingineer Crew headed out to Omaha to install the BNSF Layout for the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder’s Meeting after a two year hiatus, and in March, Roger, Reagan and I visited the fine folks at the Muncie Children’s Museum as we discussed their new TWX O Gauge layout installing next year!

Traingineers… Traingineering – Enjoy!

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Happy Tracks!

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TW TrainWorx
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EST: 1982

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  1. Congratulations on your 40th Anniversary! Your layouts are truly amazing. Your staff does incredible scenery work!

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