2020…The TRAINTASTIC Twenties!

Happy New Year – Happy New Decade to all of our Trainiac friends 🙂

The Traingineers ended the decade accomplishing absolutely remarkable custom layout installations all over the country and a first…even in Canada! We are so blessed by each of our Top Traintastic Customers with Roger and I continuing to be in awe of the gifted group of employees we employ and passionately refer to as our Talented Traingineer Team!

Special shout-out of gratitude to each Traingineer Team Member: Paul Munger, Mike Reagan, Mike Ellis, Garrett Broyles, Eugene Kollman, George Watson, Dennis Magee, Judy Ellis, Jeff Matney, Nick Ellis, Ethan Tait, Abraham Alvarado, and Ulises Mendez. YIKES! I would be remiss not mentioning three honorary Traingineers; Joe Holtzinger, Stephanie Reagan, and Alex Mallaie, who’ve pitched in to assist and we’re very appreciative to have each “on Traingineer Duty Call”!

We expanded our reach and increased services we offer by adding the uber talented Mike Reagan to our team in 2017. Mike became our East Coast Director based out of Concord, NC. and from his East Coast Studio headed up fabrication/design/installation of three custom residential layouts for customers in Santa Fe, NM – Warren, NJ – Providence, RI and we’ve sent him all over the country for layout assessments, installations, service calls, and events; New York, Nevada, Texas, Kansas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Iowa, Florida, North Carolina and even Canada!

Going down Memory Lane a bit, Roger Farkash, founded Theatrical Warehouse Inc dba TW TrainWorx in 1982 – making this decade #4 for our small family owned business being in operation – truly a miracle in and of itself! Both of us will reach our 70’s in this decade and you’d think our founder and Creative Director would be talking the *R* word, right? Hmmm, not seeing that happen any time soon when his design calendar is just about booked for the first quarter of 2020 and his HUGE passion for what he does certainly is not subsiding!

Happy to say we’re starting out 2020 with a younger generation of Traingineers (almost half of our Traingineers are in their 20’s – early 40’s) and they are being mentored/taught by the Absolute Best of the Best in the toy train layout industry!

All this to say, we’re building a TW TrainWorx Legacy, and we’d love to have YOU become part of it! The Traintastic Traingineer Team is Still believing the Train Layout possibilities are endless : )

What a decade that was… in pictures, Enjoy!

Happy New Year Trainiac friends – wishing YOU and YOURS an extraordinarily blessed and prosperous 2020.

Happy Tracks,

TrainDame aka Dorcie Farkash
TW TrainWorx
(214) 634-2965

13 thoughts on “2020…The TRAINTASTIC Twenties!”

  1. Dorcie,

    Wow works of art. Congrats on a great year and looking forward to what you all produce in 2020. One day I will be able to ask you all to make a work of art for my trains. Great Job!

  2. Dorcie,

    Thanks for the wonderful message and photos reflecting your team’s outstanding work over the past ten years. Wishing you, Roger and the TrainWorx staff a happy and healthy New Decade, knowing that the best is yet to come.

    Glen R.

  3. Thank you for your very informative update to our last decade and wish you all a strong and prosperous next decade. Your people are the type one would hope to meet and collaborate with in this hobby, and represent you well in their endeavors. Looking forward to 2020 and beyond.

  4. Dorcie: I iam in awwwww every time I look at your photos. The realism that is created by you, Roger and the team is just so rfantastic, I can’t beleive it’s not. Every time i think you are going to run out of ideas, somethng out of this world comes about. i hope you and the team have another great year, as that means the hobby is still alive and well.

    Woody Hickman

  5. I really feel honored to be in the photo gallery of the last decade. People that come to see my layout are still in awe. I’m so glad to be a part of the family. Thanks for the Memories. Bob Suarez

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