Make A Wish for ANGEL

What a whirlwind of week! TrainDame along with the Traingineers headed out on Monday to Amarillo, Texas to meet up with our Make A Wish Program Director, Lilly Walker at Angel’s house. Once we arrived, Traingineers; Roger, Mike Ellis, and George went to work transforming Angel’s bedroom into a BNSF Model RR themed room complete with fold up layout, custom BNSF headboard with custom bed frame resembling a BNSF Flat Car and of course running trains!!

I’ve got to hand it to Roger, there was a change he had to deal with upon arrival in that the room he’d originally designed our custom pieces for was not the room where Angel’s family ended up! Little things like dealing with windows that weren’t in original design (less wall space) and a 3 inch gas line that had been capped sticking out of the wall where an inch was not available to spare… he amazed me, with Mike Ellis’s carpentry wizardry they drilled a hole in the shelving unit to accommodate the pipe in order to have the shelf/layout flush to the wall, shifted the dresser and made it all work much to Angel’s delight!

Here are pictures of the pieces being worked on in our studio and the visit from Angel’s family when they came to see the progress:

And these were taken during Monday’s installation and then reveal 🙂

What is Totally Traintastic about Angel’s RR Bedroom is his flatcar bed frame is on casters and once the layout is folded up into the wall, his bed glides right in underneath the BNSF head board… Crazy cool right??

Happy Tracks!

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