Argentina Visitors and York, PA Spring *FUN*

Last full week in April has ZOOMED by! Monday, the Traingineers were crazy focused on getting all our York orders fulfilled with new orders coming in daily from both online and phone calls every day this week 🙂

And what a Traintastic way to end the week with two visitors to the Dallas McGowan Street Studio from… ARGENTINA. It’s not everyday we have visitors from a foreign country:

TW TrainWorx introduced *9* new products at York and we are holding the York Prices until May 1st. Please check the new product out here: . Below are some pictures from Spring York 2018…

Happy Tracks!

TrainDame aka Dorcie Farkash
TW TrainWorx
(214) 634-2965


2 thoughts on “Argentina Visitors and York, PA Spring *FUN*”

  1. Dorcie,

    As always…great reporting. Seems like only yesterday we were at York. Thanks for the new items! Very nicely done!!

    All the best, Jeb Kriigel

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