Choo Choo Pops is TOPS!

I have to share the absolutely Traintastically Treasured morning I experienced yesterday, watching a loving lesson of a lasting legacy given by Roger Farkash aka Choo Choo Pops to our first born grandson, Deacon Kash Wilson’s Pre-K Class joined by teachers and the other three Pre-K classes at his incredible school in Houston, TX.

Especially wonderful was having Deacon’s Mom, our daughter – Lindsay assisting her Dad which brought back a flood of memories when she was a Project Manager for us (TW Design/TrainWorx) a decade ago. Roger set up a mini layout with two loops of track, Grand Central Terminal Passenger Station, Tunnel, Steam Engine, Diesel Engine, Passenger Trains, Tank Car, BNSF *Stop, Look, Listen – Car, Public Works Building, and spoke of the rich history of trains in the USA, Safety, Commerce, Travel, and yes confirmed he’s STILL HAVING A BLAST RUNNING TRAINS!!

The passion Roger has for his God Given talent and toy trains poured out in a very amazing way in that his audience of 3 & 4 year young students… Got It! How do I know?? The little arms shooting up at the end of his demonstration to ask questions was priceless. They listened…. they learned… and the teachers affirmed… they retained wonderful lessons about trains. They think it’s pretty cool how Choo Choo Pops even makes a living with a company that hires skilled and talented people to help create custom train layouts that will be enjoyed for a lifetime and especially… will leave a Traintastic Train Legacy along the journey.

The Cherry On Top was the Coloring Book Roger personally made and handed out to all the children and one young boy came up to him afterwards, hugged his knee and thanked him….

So very proud of our first born Grandson, Deacon – and I know he’s pretty proud of his CHOO CHOO POPS too!

Happy Tracks!

TrainDame aka Dorcie Farkash
TW TrainWorx
(214) 634-2965
Dallas, TX | Concord, NC USA

One thought on “Choo Choo Pops is TOPS!”

  1. Hi Dorcie, Reminds me of the time Vivian and I took a MTH DCS train to Grandsons K school, we set up a snow scene with a tunnel and Christmas scenes, because the teacher always read “The Polar Express” to the class. Grandson held the remote and when she got to the Part “and the conductor said’: he spoke into the remote “ALL ABOARD” and started the train and ran it for all the K classes. We spent the biggest part of the day there as the whole school came by watched and talked, Great fun
    Charles Palachek
    PS he is a Sophomore in High school now..
    Roger had a great setup

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