Turntable Perfection!

I just got back from Santa Fe, New Mexico where Roger Farkash and Mike Reagan spent two days installing some way cool additions to one of our custom layouts. We added a Millhouse Turntable (after some serious Traingineer weathering), four custom display cabinets/shelves, installed additional operating accessories with Reagan ensuring all of Mr. Day’s Post War Accessories were wired and working. OH… MY… GOSH… Mike even repaired several of Mr. Day’s engines as well… I’m talking on the spot repair folks! Awesome to witness first hand!!

Happy to report that ALL systems are a GO at the “OH HAPPY DAY homestead and RR!

Thought you’d enjoy to see the “Mad Skills” of our East Coast Director… the one and only Mike Reagan!

Smooth operator… Enjoy!

And what is Reagan’s FAVORITE part of this custom layout??? Find out… watch!


Happy Tracks!

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