1.2 Million Pounds…On The Move

That’s right! The UP 4018 Big Boy was on the move yesterday on its way to Frisco, Texas where it will join the other Museum of the American Railroad trains!

Yesterday afternoon, Roger returned from the Lionel Customer Service open house to find out the move was on – so he got off the plane…jumped in the car…and tracked down the Big Boy just before sunset:




Get a load of these stats:

The Big Boy hits the scales at 1.2 Million pounds! Required 26 tons of coal, 25,000 gallons of water to be able to pull a 5 mile long train! Wowzers – that’s a BIG BOY.

I thought it’d be great to have the BIG BOY first make an appearance at our 2nd Annual Layout Festival but knew that’d be out of the question, however I’ve got the next best thing – representatives from the Museum of American Railroad will be on hand to share information on all the wonderful trains they have for their new Museum in Frisco. Plus we’ll have representatives from BNSF at the Festival who are the REAL TRAIN MOVERS getting the Big Boy to its new home!! Additionally – we will have a BNSF Railroad Officer here and I’m working on having a BNSF patrol car here as well…this just in – Lionel’s Mike Reagan is confirmed to be here!!

There are over 100 attendees signed up for this year’s festival and if YOU haven’t signed up yet, please do so right NOW! The date is Saturday – September 14, 2013 right here at our Dallas studio: 2808 McGowan Street


Here are some pictures from Lionel’s Customer Service open house this past weekend in Ohio. Enjoy!





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