3333 Pennsy – 2013 Spring York

 TrainWorx Classic Landmark Series – The Pennsy Station




TrainWorx Chief Traingineer, gave me the green light to offer up a Spring York Special for the Pennsy Station which will be sold for $300.00 BELOW retail price! BUT… (oh those darn buts) there is a catch.

2013 Spring York event is April 18th thru the 20th and our Traingineers will have 12 and only 12 Stations fully assembled, painted, lit, and boxed ready to come with us to our booth in the Orange Hall – JJ11, making it easy breezy for you York attendees to pick up your Pennsy while at York!   Sweet deal right?

Well, make that 10 Stations…seriously – – news is out and these stations are going faster than the Japan Fast Train. So – you’re not going to attend the Spring York Event? Excellent – we’ll ship it to you when we get back from York which will make your Pennsy up and on display in your digs by May 1st – what a fabulous way to start your summer off!!!

Below is a nifty flyer for you:


Now for the cool blue “buy now” button:

Hurry, the remaining 10 Pennsy’s for $3333.00 (shipping included) probably won’t last until March 1st… just saying…

Or, if you prefer, please call and place your order (877) 881-4997.

Happy Tracks!

Traindame aka Dorcie TW TrainWorx

P.S. Talk about perfect timing – enjoy this thread from the OGR Forum pertaining to Pennsy Station #5 and its new and very happy owner 🙂  TESTIMONIAL – CLICK NOW

P.P.S. This blue is for YOU :

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