TW TrainWorx Christmas Layouts

Oldie but Goody – video that needs to be updated for sure but I’m going to go ahead and post it and be forewarned… you just may catch the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!

Happy Tracks!

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Layout Trifecta – New York

TW TrainWorx, in the style of Polar Express Layout, was completed yesterday by the Traingineers…

Enjoy these pictures from the installation:

Check out these photos I just received from our very Hap Hap Happy Customer that he took under the ‘blue lights’ he added. Talk about SUPER AWESOME 🙂

Right now – I am offering one of Traindame’s CRAZY…. SUPER DUPER AMAZING…. Steal-of-a-Deals to get YOUR OWN Polar Express Table Top/Base in time for the 2017 Holidays by placing YOUR order and getting on the Traingineer’s fabrication calendar by July 10th! More information is right here:

Also, please feel free to download our Polar Express Track Plan here: 2017PolarExpressTrackPlan

Happy Tracks!

Traindame aka Dorcie Farkash
TW TrainWorx
(214) 634-2965

Experience the Art of The Train!

1 Million Eyes… and counting!

It’s that most wonderful time of year when trains can be seen swirling around the Christmas tree base and this year, TW TrainWorx has several custom Holiday Layouts around the country that have been producing some serious Eye Popping Results!!! 

Traindame aka Dorcie and Chief Traingineer aka Roger, were doing some serious arithmetic the other day and were pretty mind boggled by the facts and just exactly how many eyeballs will have seen our custom Holiday Train Displays… this is where the calculator got involved adding up over, (yes seriously) 1 million eye balls and over half a million people have and/or will experience a TW TrainWorx layout by going to one or several of these displays which are *NOW SHOWING FOR THE 2016 HOLIDAY SEASON:


Lionel Holiday Layout – Grand Central Terminal inside NY Transit Museum

Santaland Layout – Macy’s Herald Square

Holiday Express Display – New York Historical Society – Toys and Trains Jerni Collection

Trainworld Custom Retail Layout – Brooklyn, NY 

Natoli Custom Residential Layout – Suffern 


Trains at NorthPark Display – Ronald McDonald House of Dallas

**New this year**  Trains Over Texas – Houston Museum of Natural Science

Are YOU in the TW TrainWorx Holiday Layout Eye Ball Count??

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Traindame aka Dorcie Farkash
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