TW TrainWorx Christmas Layouts

Oldie but Goody – video that needs to be updated for sure but I’m going to go ahead and post it and be forewarned… you just may catch the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!

Happy Tracks!

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Oh Christmas Tree… Oh Christmas Tree…

Whoa… Last week I answered a question concerning our Custom, Christmas Three Ring Train Track Tree that TrainWorx produced for the Ronald McDonald House | Trains at NorthPark Event and in so doing took this 35 second video which has NOW gone *Absolutely … Crazy VIRAL on the TW TrainWorx Facebook Page with over 117,000 video views!!! I kid you not… check out the video that is GOING VIRAL!!!

Well, after reading all the comments written on our Facebook post, the Traingineers are currently in a serious brainstorming mode to incorporate all the elements you see that make up our Christmas Three Ring Track Tree in order to make this a *brand new, FIRST TIME EVER … TW TrainWorx product available for YOUR Christmas… 2016!

Ho Ho Ho – but thinking this through, we may just have to include a PRODUCT WARNING… BEWARE… Santa may get distracted before his job is finished : )

And speaking of Christmas, did you know there are only >>>>>> 9 more Fridays left before…. DECEMBER 25TH, 2015 – MERRY MERRY JOY JOY AND FA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA !

Happy Tracks!

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