Magnificent Month of March… in process!!

Wowzers! What a Month of March it IS!!

Started the month off installing the Carter RR here in Plano, Texas, next up a custom TWX Layout relocation for a Traintastic customer doing some downsizing in Chattanooga, Tennessee, finishing up this week with a massive installation of a 40′ layout setting up in the basement of a Pennsylvania residence and next week, Traingineers will be off to Chicago for a dismantle of a TWX custom layout done in 2009 = WOWZERS 🙂

Round of applause to our amazing Traingineers for their focus and incredible accomplishments – Chief Traingineer, Roger Farkash and I are Extremely proud of our Traingineer Crew; Mike Reagan, George Watson, Mike Ellis, Garrett Broyles, Eugene Kollman, Nick Ellis, Eric Rodriguez, Ethan Tait, and offsite helpers; Joe and Alex 🙂 Special Shout Out to keeping us all going (my brother from another mother) Paul Munger, and Judy Ellis!

Reagan started this week off in Tennessee and jetted to Pennsylvania Wednesday, where he joined the PA Installation crew to assist finalizing installation and when he gets back to North Carolina, he’ll get back to fabricating another residential layout he designed for a Traintastic Customer in Rhode Island!! Back here in our McGowan St. Studio, we’re finishing up some Denver Union Station models, fabricating a custom table base and top for the Lanzer family, fabricating some modular layout pieces for our dear friend and customer here in Houston, and starting on a custom wooden RR for a Pediatrician’s Office in Maryland 🙂 Didn’t even mention all the design proposals ready to close, and have closed for the new wave of custom layouts getting ready for Fabrication to Commence next month in April – Whew! We’re having SOME FUN NOW 🙂 

Love sharing pictures… enjoy!

Happy Tracks!

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