Another Residential Layout…delivered!

I’m telling you, it’s always a little sad to see a layout leave the shop on delivery day but once I hear from the Traingineers how much of a “WOW” factor is expressed by the owners…it’s all good!

Below is a collage of process shots taken of this 5′ x 10′ Lionel branded layout:

Hurst Process

Roger designed this table with a Pre-War style table base that included nifty (my vernacular) display shelves at each end.The table top is pine framing and drop edge topped with 1/2″ maple plywood then covered with 1″ blue foam…the silencer :). We used a combo FasTrack and Ross Track and as you can see… another hand carved, painted, scenically painted, landscaped two tunnel mountain was created.

We’ve really been putting our Laser Cutting machine to work…or I should say, Traingineer Russell is the master with the machine and cut one station and all the Dallas skyline facades which include LED lighting for this layout.

Collage of finished piece in our studio:

For Denny

Happy Tracks!

Dorcie aka Traindame

P.S. Call me to see how YOU can get on the list to have YOUR train layout designed by the best of the best, Chief Traingineer Roger Farkash and built by the Masterpiece TrainWorx Craftsmen – (877) 881-4997

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