2015… A year in review with pictures!

The TW Traingineers want to thank every single one of our FERROEQUINOLOGIST friends for all the enjoyment shared doing what we love doing… having crazy fun with toy trains and sharing our talents to realize that ‘only a DREAM’ layout finally come to fruition!

It’s funny… I’ve been attempting to write this 2015 year in review since December but we’ve been delightfully focused on several new projects coming down the tracks in what I believe is going to be our best first quarter *EVER* in 2016. But, let’s go back in time NOW and check out The Traingineer’s 2015 adventures in pictures, enjoy : )

One thought on “2015… A year in review with pictures!”

  1. Dorcie,

    Congratulations on a tremendous year and thank you so much for making us feel part of that success by sending us pictures of the unbelievable talent that your Team has. Your layouts are ingenious, creative, and remarkable works of artistic talent and craftsmanship. I keep hoping to go to sleep one night, and when I awake, one of your works of art will be beside my bed for me to play with immediately!

    I am 66 years old and received my first Lionel New York Central F-3 Passenger set when I was 7 months old in 1949. My life long dream was to build “my” layout when I retired, but life wasn’t too kind to me along the way. The “Dream” is still there, but I don’t know if it will ever come true.

    I have one question for you about an elevated railway that I see in most of your displays. It is either a one track or two track elevation that appears to have railings on either side of the tracks. It also appears to have its own elevation girders and makes the elevated railway appear so neat and real. It also allows for tracks to run under it and through it and again to make it neat and very realistic. My question is: do you sell this or is it something that your team makes as needed? If you sell it, can you send me some information about it? I’m an O Gauge man myself, so I would need O Gauge information about an elevated roadbed and railings.

    Thanks again for keeping me on your mailing list. I continue to look forward to seeing examples of your Team’s tremendous creativity and artistic talent. I still hope that some day I might be able to get started on my own layout, and I already have drawn my plans, which coincidently, includes an number of elevated areas of track!

    God Bless all you guys for the joy that your work brings to us.


    Dan Diorio jody.diorio@yahoo.com 330-726-8996 (Home)

    Daniel J. Diorio

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