What a wonderful day we all experienced at the
TW TrainWorx Fourth Annual Layout Festival!

All the Traingineers want to send out a special shout out of appreciation and gratitude to all of YOU
that participated this past Saturday at our Layout Festival!

With YOUR help, we raised over the amount we did last year and that
is HUGE considering all the competing events we had going on during this year’s Festival!

Once again proving how wonderful all YOU TRAIN NUTS ARE… THANK YOU : )

The best way to share the fun is to stop typing and share photos from the Layout Festival… ENJOY!

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See ya’ll next year at TW TrainWorx Fifth Annual Layout Festival!
(Date to be determined… )

Happy Tracks!

Traindame aka Dorcie Farkash
TW TrainWorx
(877) 881-4997



  1. My sister and I had a great time.
    I am so glad I was able to make the trip from Houston. Linda was so impressed with how nice everybody was. She lives in Dallas, so she had lots to chat about with Roger.
    Thanks for a fun time.

    Larry DeFuria
    Past President -HTOS

  2. I travel a long way from the North country. I get to see my LCCA friends and enjoy the fellowship with Lionel lovers. I always learn something new. The TW team is always so friendly. Having the opportunity to run my F3-AA Canadian Pacific set on the BNSF big layout was a memorable and special treat. I plan ahead well in advance and I hope to see you next year. If you love model roads, join the LCCA. We also know toy train “fun”. Kindest R. Peet / Minnesota

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