TW TrainWorx experiencing Greatest Times Ever : )

So here are my top three reasons why I consider NOW to be the GREATEST TIME EVER!

  1. We have so many TOP TRAINTASTIC CUSTOMERS and get to realize their RR dreams every day!
  2. First time EVER we’ve had 23 Projects on the Traingineer Board… 23! That’s; designing, fabricating, and installing.
  3. TW TrainWorx has the BEST of the BEST creative and talented team and our Traingineer Team is growing & getting B E T T E R!

I was focusing on my week in review and that’s when I was overwhelmed by how much we are focused on RIGHT NOW and how to convey the sheer awesomeness of what’s GOING ON!

Here’s my attempt:

First up is the layout enhancement installation we completed for our existing customer, Jay in NJ. Having expanded to the East Coast with Mike Reagan heading up operations out of his Concord Studio has been a tremendous part of my GREATEST TIMES EVER attitude :). Roger initially designed a custom layout for Jay in 2014 and this year a new Round House and Turn Table section was added. Reagan built everything in his studio, laser cut all the Round House pieces with our nifty new Laser Cutting Machine, put the RH model together, painted it, built the base and table tops, loaded it up, transported it to NJ and had a helping hand installing from our go-to-installer assistant, Alex! Ok… long winded here – let the pictures do the talking:

We brought on a Traingineer in Training here in our Dallas McGowan St. Studio and put Chuck on the Standard Gauge Round House we’re modeling for our new custom layout customer… another Jim in PA:

We had a Dallas install going on this week for another enhancement to one of our Top Traintastic Customer’s attic layout. Traingineer Mike fabricated the legs and they were the last to go on the Van:

Had the pleasure of seeing Bob and Dinah early in the week and they brought down a car load of accessories for their custom layout now “under construction” – Traingineer Nick was working on the Valley today:

And Traingineer George has been laying track and placing our Top Traintastic Customer’s accessories on this custom layout:

Set the install date for our Polar Express Custom Layout which we will be shipping to… Windsor Canada next month – – – see what I’m talking about??? GREATEST TIMES EVER 🙂

And… Chief Traingineer, Roger Farkash, in the midst of all of this put the finishes touches to a sketch for a Christmas Layout that we have in proposal!

Well… Yee Haw!!! Here’s to a great week – a Traintastic Weekend – and oh – wait a minute! Last but not least… it’s FRIDAY – Check out our Ferroequinologist Friday Feature… click away!

Happy Tracks!

TrainDame aka Dorcie Farkash
TW TrainWorx
(214) 634-2965
Dallas, TX | Concord, NC

4 thoughts on “TW TrainWorx experiencing Greatest Times Ever : )”

  1. Amazing!!!! Happy to see this, Alex had a post on the OGR forum which was great. Folks like you and Alex is any reason why I love this hobby so much. I am not that far from retirement and when that happens I may be lucky enough to have you guys rebuild my layout. Congratulations and best of luck going forward. Joe

  2. Both layouts look great! I do like the roundhouse and engine service facility on Jay’s layout!! On the other hand, I love mountain scenery, and the PE themed layout is great!

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