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Lionel/LCCA Red Carpet Event!



These pictures sent in from Roger early this morning…



Roger landed in Charlotte, North Carolina and just arrived to his final destination, Concord where he is helping the fine folks of the LCCA as they set up for the; ginormous, exclusive, one of kind, amazing event where train enthusiasts from all over the country will have the incredible opportunity to see up close and personal the brand spanking NEW Lionel trains and NASCAR Die-cast facility!

Now that is truly something to toot your whistle for 🙂

Check out all the Orange and Blue treasure that is being put out for “Show & Buy” at tomorrow’s RED CARPET Event!

Mind you, they’ve just STARTED setting up for crying out loud.

Oh and here is the Lionel/LCCA Modular table set up and on display in the facility:

Roger is going to be one of the speakers tomorrow morning and will be giving a 45 minute seminar on scenic carving…

Shhhh, don’t tell anyone but the attendees at Roger’s seminar are in for a real big ANNOUNCEMENT he’ll be making JUST for serious “scenic train carving wanna be’s!” 

Have you noticed, I’m not too good at keeping a “lid” on things…

Read more about the Lionel/LCCA Red Carpet event by clicking link below:


Happy Tracks!

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