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TW TrainWorx Classic Landmark Series

New Product Added to the TW TrainWorx Classic Landmark Series

Empire State Building Model

The Traingineers have done it again finding a creative solution for all of YOU die hard New York City aficionados who *Absolutely desire to OWN an Empire State Building for YOUR train layout!

Dimensions of the Empire State Building are:

18 3/4″ Wide x 10 1/2″ Deep x 40″ Tall and includes a wrap around sidewalk & LED lights!

Action takers… hit the Green BUY NOW button below to order YOURS for $1,677.00:


OR, it would be my pleasure to take your order over the phone (877) 881-4997!

Enjoy some process shots of the Empire State Building
on the custom TW TrainWorx Layout:


Classic Landmark Series:

Process Shots Kansas City Union Station...


Chattanooga Station…


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